What Actually Causes Venous Disorders?

varicose veins

Millions of Americans are all too familiar with the symptoms of varicose veins, but what many don’t know is that there are many different causes of venous disorders. Many of us suffer from varicose or spider veins, and the resultant swollen and sore lower extremities can make a walk around the block a tall order. […] Read More

Can Standing All Day At Work Cause Varicose Veins?

standing varicose veins

Having a job that requires standing for extensive periods of time could spell bad news for your veins. A typical full-time job usually consists of at least 40 hours of work each week, if not more. That kind of commitment can have a surprising toll not just on your energy levels, but other parts of […] Read More

How Serious is Vein Disease?

vein disease

Vein disease is incredibly common — and manageable. But if left untreated, what starts as a small issue can lead to potentially dangerous complications. Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a medical condition in which a person’s veins are unable to properly transport blood from the legs back to the heart. It’s a condition that impacts […] Read More

Will Exercise Make Varicose Veins Worse?

exercise varicose veins

Exercise is critical to your overall health, but certain kinds of physical activity are safer for your varicose veins than others. Many people are aware that varicose veins are associated with labor-intensive jobs that involve standing all day, or that they tend to affect people who have a family history with the condition. But those […] Read More

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