Center for Vein Restoration’s LegsWork Community Outreach program hosts and attends health and wellness events in conjunction with community centers, corporations, school systems, union groups, women’s organizations, churches, and senior centers. The program’s mission is to promote vein health education by providing seminars that educate people about leg vein health and the dangers of vein disease, as well as, providing lower leg vein ultrasound demonstrations. Since the program’s inception in 2014, they have held more than 1,200 events across the country and helped more than 1,500 community members address their vein issues.

Free Screening Tuesdays: “Todos los Martes”

Center for Vein Restoration is proud to announce we’re expanding our service to diverse and under-served communities. Announcing: Free Screening Tuesdays, our program for our local Hispanic patients in which our staff performs free ultrasound scans every Tuesday and explains the stages and causes of vein disease in Spanish. The sessions take place in our Silver Spring/Takoma Park, MD clinic (831 University Blvd. East, #24/25 Silver Spring). Free Screening Tuesdays are the latest in a series of efforts in recent years to expand our service to local communities and provide information and services to people who many not ordinarily receive it. These have included our sponsorship of the Vietnamese Health Fair in Annandale, VA. and sponsoring the Asian American Medical Society meeting in Arlington, Va. In our Free Screening Tuesday program, patients can be assured to get the information and treatment they need via Spanish-speaking doctors and staff as well as having access to Spanish speakers in our call center Call Toll-Free (855) 565-8346.

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