Keith C. Nichols, MD

Keith  C.  Nichols,  MD

Experience: 29 Years

Credentials & Certifications

Board Certifications:

Emergency Medicine, Venous and Lymphatic disease

Medical Schools:

University of North Carolina-­Chapel Hill

Professional Associations:

American College of Phlebology, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Portsmouth Academy of Medicine

Keith  Nichols,  MD  is  quick  to  tell  you  that  he’s  gratified  helping  to  relieve  pain  and  suffering  of  patients  and enjoys  helping  them  get  back  to  their  normal  lives.  He’s  also  thankful  to  have  enjoyed  successful  careers   in  two  specialties:  emergency  medicine  and  venous/lymphatic  medicine.

Locations Served by
Dr. Nichols


1500 Breezeport Way
Ste. 100, Suffolk

Virginia Beach


As  a  former  emergency  physician,  he  has  a  knowledge  base  of  many  different  medical  problems  and   the  technical  skills  necessary  to  treat  venous  diseases.    As  a  venous  and  lymphatic  specialist,  he  also   has  13  years’  experience  in  the  diagnosis  and  treatment  of  venous  diseases.
Dr.  Nichols  earned  his  AB  Chemistry  degree  and  his  Medical  degree  from  the  University  of  North   Carolina-­Chapel  Hill.  He  served  his  internship  and  residency  in  Emergency  Medicine  at  the  University  of  Louisville,  Kentucky.  He  later  founded  and  ran  the  Family  Life  Services  Free  Medical  Clinic  in   Martinsville,  Virginia,  for  several  years.  He  also  has  served  as  operational  medical  director  for  several   organizations,  including  Piedmont  Area  EMS,  Stone  Ambulance  Service  and  Martinsville  Speedway.
Dr.  Nichols  served  as  Staff  Physician,  Department  of  Emergency  Medicine  at  the  Memorial  Hospital  of   Martinsville  and  Henry  County  Virginia,  and  as  Medical  Director  of  the  Virginia  offices  of  Circulatory   Centers  of  America  (a  practice  he  founded  as  Genesis  Vein  Specialists).
He  is  a  member  of  AOA,  American  College  of  Phlebology,  American  Society  for  Laser  Medicine  and   Surgery,  and  the  Portsmouth  Academy  of  Medicine.  He  is  also  a  diplomate  of  the  American  Board  of   Emergency  Medicine  and  of  the  American  Board  of  Venous  and  Lymphatic  Medicine.
After  these  rewarding  professional  milestones,  Dr.  Nichols  is  proud  to  now  serve  on  the  team   at  Center  for  Vein  Restoration,  where  the  physicians  have  rededicated  their  careers  to bringing   relief  to  patients  coping  with  venous  disease.
“I  like  the  combination  of  new  minimally  invasive   technology  we  use  and  the  smiles  on  my  patients’  faces  when  their  legs  and  their  lives  are  changed.”
His  dedication  to  providing  state-­of-­the-­art  treatments  comes  at  an  important  time – an estimated 40 million  Americans  now  suffer  from  vein  disease.    Medical  practice  is  rapidly  advancing  to   reduce  the  suffering  from  painful  symptoms,  and  yet  it’s  still  too  often  an  under-­diagnosed   condition.
“I  was  introduced  to  venous  disease  14  years  ago.    As  an  emergency  physician  at  that   time,  I  knew  very  little  about  it.    I  was  intrigued  by  the  tremendous  scope  of  the  problem  and  the   technical  advances  that  made  minimally  invasive  treatment  available.    I  was  also  impressed  by  the   millions  of  people  who  suffer  needlessly  with  venous  disease  because  they  are  not  aware  of  the  latest   treatment  options.    I  saw  the  problem  and  knew  that  I  wanted  to  be  a  part  of  the  answer.”
Dr.  Nichols  describes  his  personal  work  in  the  field  of  venous  insufficiency  and  areas  where   he  has  a  particular  focus:
“My  specialty  within  the  field  of  venous  medicine  is  minimally  invasive   endovascular  laser  and  radiofrequency  ablations,  which  replace  vein  stripping.”