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Howell, New Jersey

4780 Route 9 South
Howell, 07731

Howell, New Jersey

4780 Route 9 South
Howell, NJ 07731
Phone: (855) 565-8346
Fax: (732) 363-8563

Complimentary Physician Visits Available at This Location.


The Vein Center Located in Howell

Howell, New Jersey is a Township that encompasses 62 miles of Monmouth County. Howell is a large, populous middle-class American town, with 12 schools, a very low crime rate, and numerous restaurants, stores, entertainment, and some of the best doctor’s in the state. The Center in Kent Plaza Cove, located at 4780 U.S. Route 9 South in Howell, New Jersey. Dr. Dillion is the primary doctor at the Center.

Meet Dr. R. Lance Dillon

Dr. Dillon has been a physician for over 25 years and specializes and works with patients who suffer from painful and often unsightly spider veins, varicose veins, leg ulcers and various other vein problems.In addition to, pursuing a fulfilling career as an Interventional Radiologist and Women’s Health Imager, which provided him with exceptional insights into the empathetic diagnosis, treatment and the management of venous conditions and diseases.

Physicians and Staff at this Practice:

R. Lance Dillon, MD, MBA