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(Translated by Google) excellent gynecologist(Original) Excelente ginecólogo

- Yngrit Filsaime 08/03/2017

Great team!

Great team!

- Mike Moncovich 08/03/2017

Dr. Khanh Nguyen is a genius besides being an extremely highly skill doctor!

Please read of my experience and the SUCCESS I FOUND! First-off I am male in my 50’s, maybe not the typical client for the Center for Vein Restoration as they do wonderful work for a high number of women. That is a MAJOR POINT though, being a Male I received outstanding treatment and care, I have been WOWED since the first time I visited the Center for Vein Restoration, in Glen Burnie.Here is the most important point of this entire review, I HAVE GREAT LOOKING LEGS (may I humbly say) that do not give me anymore trouble at night, and do not swell during the day.Dr. Khanh Nguyen is a genius besides being an extremely highly skill doctor! I was a lost cause with swollen feet and spider veins that scared little children.1. If you’ve ever wanted to look down at your legs and like what you see?2. Have you ever had Swollen feet and ankles?3. Have you ever had restless ache in your foot or feet that’s kept you up at night tossing and turning?I am thrilled to share with you that I’ve had all three (3) of these and all three have been Corrected!This is my first ever YELP review, I am not sure if I am doing this right but I had to get the word out how absolutely wonderful and SKILLED these folks are at the Center for Vein Restoration.I strongly recommend calling or visiting them and asking for Dr. Khanh Nguyen or who he recommends (this man you can trust) and discuss what’s going on, truly everyone from the Doctors and Technicians through to the Front Desk office staff, THEY ALL ARE down to earth and CARING!!! Smart too!!!My location (they have many) is:Center for Vein Restoration1600 Crain Highway, Suite 408Glen Burnie, MD 21061Telephone 410-424-2237 or 855-835-8346Tell them you want to LOOK AND FEEL BETTER and then relax and let the Magic Happen!I wish to personally THANK Dr. Nguyen and everyone there for the simply wonderful service and care I continue to receive each and every time I visit the Center for Vein Restoration.My deepest gratitude,J. Christopher

- Jay C. 08/03/2017

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The Doctor Is wonderful as is staff

The Center for vein restoration in Glen Burnie Md on Crain hwy is the best place I have ever been treated for my bad big veins and spider veins. The Dr Is wonderful as is staff. Dr Nguyen is the best and only Dr I will see there he will do all he can til you are happy and I mean with all your treatment and how you were treated. I highly recommend him and his team.Mrs Prue

- Toni P. 08/02/2017

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I found the staff at both offices I visited to be very friendly and efficient.

I found the staff at both offices I visited to be very friendly and efficient. I was not very happy that my procedure could only be done at the Towon location but it’s not really that far from me. This is the first time in ages that I sm not in constant pain. I would recommend Centet for Vein Restoration to friends and family

- Myrna E. 08/01/2017

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Dr. Laura and the staff are amazing!

Dr. Laura and the staff are amazing! I was always greeted with a smile and never felt rushed during my appointment. I struggled with restless leg syndrome for over 10 years. If I did not take my meds, I would not sleep AT ALL. Now, I no longer need my meds and haven’t missed a minute of sleep:). I feel more people need to know of vein surgery as a option for restless leg syndrome. I had no idea I had vericoise veins and would never have thought of going in if I hadn’t seen the advertisement.

- RateMD Reviewer 07/31/2017

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My experience at the Glen Burnie location was awesome.

This was the first time I had to visit a vein specialist. My experience at the Glen Burnie location was awesome. The staff, the technicians were wonderful!!!! The doctor was great too!!!

- RateMD Reviewer 07/28/2017

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Dr. Nguyen was wonderful.

Dr. Nguyen was wonderful. Took care of my problem & has a great bedside manner

- RateMD Reviewer 07/21/2017

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Their hospitality was superb

Had an appointment at 3pm, not only was their hospitality superb but that their attempt to unearth every stone to get to the bottom of my problem was commendable. The entire staff of Dr. Sajiv and the doctor himself really took adequate time with me with a very high degree of personability, humor and professionalism. I couldn’t believe the doctor himsef took me downstairs from his 3rd floor office to 1st floor office where i am expected to see him today. We all know that doctors have no business with you when they’re done with you. I was impressed. The only reason I deny them 5 star-rating is because that was my first-time with them and I have today and perhaps other days to observe them. I decided to give them a continued ‘watch’ as i believe all humans have double-personalities, one you see the first time and another you see over time. But they’re great human beings trying to do good out there.

- John Mithika 07/15/2017

His staff was also very good.

Dr. Linn made me feel comfortable and let me know everything he was doing. His staff was also very good.

- RateMD Reviewer 07/15/2017

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