En un mundo perfecto

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In a Perfect World

So, you’ve heard all about what’s best for you from the frighteningly healthy… “Follow ONLY this regimen; Eat these foods (or else); Exercise 15 times a day (Yes, we’re exaggerating)”. The list goes on. All of that sounds GREAT as long as you live in a perfect world where there are never emergencies or surprises and everything in your life runs on schedule.

Now, how about some reality?

We at Center for Vein Restoration understand that you might not have the perfectly scheduled life. However, we truly believe that small, incremental changes to your lifestyle CAN create long-term benefits. And frankly, these small, steady changes tend to be those that you can maintain and continue for years to come.

When “exercise” isn’t practical

One of the keys to vein health is the increased blood flow produced by an exercise regimen. But there are times that, schedule, travel plans, work or just not feeling “up to it” can get in the way. In these cases try using these techniques to help you bridge the gap.

Passive steps like wearing compression socks or graduated compression hose are an excellent choice. Wear them as a first step toward better vein and leg health.

Avoid poorly fitted shoes and high heels. For many women this one may pose a particular challenge. We know that work and social events sometimes call for a more formal look. If you’re able to sport footwear that promotes a more natural form most of the time, it will help. The muscle position created by wearing high heels can weaken calf muscles and thereby decrease blood flow.

Replace your chair with an exercise ball. Yes, your co-workers may have a good laugh at first. But using this simple change forces you to gently use core and leg muscles while working. You might even find yourself gently bouncing (which can feel like “play” to your brain). All of those little actions should help improve your circulation. The added benefit of this is keeping your energy elevated throughout the day.

While venous disease may still need to be addressed at our offices through medical means, taking an active and realistic approach to what you can do is one more step to enjoying a long and healthy life. At Center for Vein Restoration, we take great pride in assisting our clients regain health, mobility and a renewed satisfaction in how they look. We’d be honored to help you!

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