Maryland Vein Professionals has Joined Center for Vein Restoration

Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is proud to announce a new partnership with Maryland Vein Professionals (MVP) – a major vein group in the state of Maryland, founded and directed by Jonathan Calure, MD since 2005. MVP locations in Columbia, Annapolis, and Towson, served by Dr. Calure and his physician team, Jon A. Hupp, MD, FSVS, FACS; Peter Liao, MD, PhD; and David R. Whittaker, MD, FACS, will now join the network of 85 CVR locations nationwide and 17 in the state of Maryland alone. MVP has been long known for its outstanding patient care, board-certified physicians, and clinical expertise. Through this partnership, gold-standard vein care will be available to more Maryland residents than ever before.