Las venas varicosas y los deducibles de su seguro: cómo reducir sus costos

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As the end of the year approaches, our patients often ask us if this is the right time to schedule a quick, in-office procedure for aching, bulging varicose veins.

CVR Accepts Most Insurance for Varicose Vein Procedures

We tell our patients that anytime in the fourth quarter is a great time to schedule a procedure. In fact, Most insurance plans provide partial or full coverage for medically necessary treatments, especially for varicose vein procedures.

And Center for Vein Professionals accepts insurance coverage from most major providers, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal and Medicare.

So if you have already met your insurance deductible for 2019, your out-of-pocket costs can be lower for a vein disease procedure.

Do You Have Any of These Symptoms of Vein Disease?

Vein disease exhibits itself across a spectrum of symptoms, including:

  • A “heavy” feeling or tired legs
  • Painful legs
  • Throbbing or itching legs
  • Restless legs, especially at night
  • Cramping in your calves
  • Ankle ulcers or discoloration

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