Welcome to Center for Vein Restoration!

Thank you for choosing Center for Vein Restoration as your partner in vein healthcare.  We regard no bond more highly than that of the patient-doctor relationship and look forward to demonstrating this for you upon your first visit with us. We understand that leg pain and discomfort can lead to drastic changes in quality of life and will do our utmost to educate and guide you as we treat your symptoms and address their root cause. Let us show you why treatment at Center for Vein Restoration is always a step in the right direction.

During your initial appointment, you should expect to meet your doctor and team of vein specialists. They will carefully evaluate your specific needs and recommend a personalized treatment plan.

Here are a few of the reasons you are in good hands at our practice:

  • Our exceptional doctors specialize in vein treatment, performing thousands of procedures each year. Our physicians and vein centers have received numerous accolades from the Washingtonian, Best of Bethesda, and Best of Baltimore magazines, as well as What’s up Annapolis and What’s up Eastern Shore.
  • Treatment is performed on an outpatient basis in our vein centers and patients usually return to work or other daily activities the same day.
  • We offer the full range of vein treatment options—laser and radiofrequency ablation, sclerotherapy and phlebectomy—so that you will receive the best solution for your specific needs.
  • As your partner in complete vein care we evaluate and, if needed, treat your superficial and deep venous systems—a skill set provided by only select centers across the nation.
  • Our office communicates with your insurance provider to help obtain pre-authorization for your treatments (when necessary), secure optimal coverage, and offer financing options to manage coordination-of-benefit expenses.


First Visit Instructions

This information is provided to assist you in preparing for your initial appointment with us at the Center for Vein Restoration.

Your initial appointment will take approximately two hours, so please plan accordingly. Please drink plenty of fluids, dress warmly, and bring loose fitting shorts (if possible) to facilitate your leg examinations.

Please be sure to bring the following documents, as we need copies of them for our records:

  • A photo ID such as: Driver’s License, State ID, Military ID, etc.
  • Your current insurance card(s)
  • Your referral slip from your Primary Care Physician (if required by your insurance plan)

Please complete the following forms prior to your visit and bring them with you. This will help expedite your registration process. For your convenience, all of these forms can be found together by clicking on the New Patient Forms document on our Forms page. Within this packet you will find the following forms:

  1. Patient Information Form – this includes your personal and insurance information for us to register you with our practice.
  2. Medical Information Form – this captures your pertinent medical history and health information; please document all medications and supplements you may be taking at this time and any allergies that you may have.
  3. Patient Privacy and HIPAA Protection Form – this explains our compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy regulations, and that our Notice of Privacy Practices is available for review (online and at registration) and we require your acknowledgement of certain authorizations and consents.
  4. Communication Preference and Messages Agreement Form – this allows you to specify the best way for CVR to communicate with you by providing alternative methods and/or locations.
  5. Patient Consent, Assignment of Benefits and Acknowledgement Form – this covers the collection of your consent to treat, assignment of insurance benefits and payment, and informs you of our general patient financial agreement and no show / cancellation policy.
  6. Practice Business Policy – this informs you of CVR’s business and financial policy, and your responsibility relative to payment and the possible need for insurance or physician referrals.

We look forward to seeing you at our office soon. If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding the above information, please feel free to contact us at any time by calling (855) 565-8346.

We look forward to meeting and serving you soon!