With our help, these people now feel, look, and live better.

Our Patients Come First at CVR

Our Patients Come First

Making people feel better. It's simple, yet incredibly gratifying. And, it never, ever gets old. That's because we love our patients and we love what we do. In turn, our patients love us right back.


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    “Thank you Dr. Barajas, for finding the problem with my legs. No one has ever done anything for me, and I went for a long time, and I really appreciate what you're doing.”

    – Joyce
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    “The issue of a bulging vein in my left leg has entirely disappeared, and my legs look like they did many years ago. I would say for people everywhere: Do it for yourself.”

    – Diane
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    “Immediately when I came in, Dr. Nichols put me at ease.”

    – Maire


I feel so much better. Now I can do a lot more. I can walk, exercise... If I could do it all over again, I would have done it a lot sooner.


Toledo, OH
Treatment Method: Varithena

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How to Get Started with Your Vein Treatment

Get Started with Your Vein Treatment

Feeling better begins with a call to our Patient Service Specialists. They'll address all your questions and help put your mind at ease. Call 855-653-8346 to schedule a consultation.


“I can't believe my results just one month after treatment. So happy to have my life back.”

– Henry

Detroit, MI | Treatment Methods: Phlebectomy, Radio Frequency Ablation, Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

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