You’ve Scheduled Your First Vein Consultation. Congratulations!

What should I expect during my vein consultation?

This is your time to meet the team of caring healthcare professionals dedicated to helping you look and feel your best! In addition to your CVR vein physician, vascular ultrasound technologist, and other healthcare professionals, you have a team of patient care specialists ready to guide you every step of the way.

Your vein consultation will start with a health history. You will then have an ultrasound scan of your legs. Don’t worry; this critical diagnostic test is comfortable and does not use radiation. The test results will help your vein doctor develop a custom treatment plan just for you, which will be presented to you during this appointment.

You will leave with a complete understanding of your vein health, a personalized plan with treatment options, and the support of our team to help put this plan into effect.

What vein treatment options do we offer?

In addition to conservative treatment (such as compression therapy), we offer many different minimally invasive options to treat your vein disease. Your personalized vein treatment plan is customized for you, so your plan will differ from that of family and friends who’ve gotten treatment for vein disease.

All our treatment options are performed as an outpatient in a comfortable office setting. Depending on your treatment plan, most procedures are completed in under an hour and allow you to return to regular activity immediately with few restrictions.

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    How should I prepare for my vein clinic visit?

    Drink plenty of water

    Being well-hydrated helps the vascular technologist map blood flow and identify damaged veins.

    Don’t use lotion on your legs

    Lotion can interfere with the ultrasound gel and impede “communication” between the skin’s surface and the ultrasound waves.

    Wear or bring loose-fitting shorts

    Tight clothing can interrupt blood flow. Be prepared to remove any clothing that obstructs blood flow or hinders examination.

    Dress warmly

    Staying warm helps improve blood flow throughout your body.

    Bring a list of your medications

    A thorough medical health history is an important part of your first appointment.

    Know your family history

    Genetics is one of the leading causes of vein problems, including varicose veins.

    Plan for a 90-minute appointment

    We want to take our time to get to know you, understand your concerns, review your custom vein treatment plan, and answer all your questions.

    And speaking of questions…

    Bring a list of your symptoms & questions with you, and we will happily address them.

    Please bring the following forms and identification

    Photo ID
    • Driver's license
    • State ID
    • Military ID
    • Other form of photo ID
    Insurance Card

    Don't forget to bring your up-to-date insurance card!

    Referral Slip

    If your Primary Care Physician (PCP) gave you a referral slip, we ask that you bring this as well.

    How to save time before your vein clinic visit

    Complete all forms that have been sent to you electronically.

    We're here for you before, during, and after treatment!

    At Center for Vein Restoration, we are passionate about helping people look and feel better. For us, it's a joy to meet a new patient and begin the process of restoring healthy, beautiful legs and quality of life. Hopefully, you're just as excited as we are. Now let's get started!


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    – Sandra S.

    Stamford, CT
    Treatment Method: VenaSeal

    “The employees were very professional and treated you very well, if I need to have treatment I would love to go back there, you can feel the warmth that they have, I love it.”

    – Sandra S.

    Stamford, CT
    Treatment Method: VenaSeal