Laura Kelsey, MD

Laura Kelsey, MD

Experience: 15 Years

Credentials & Certifications

Board Certifications:

General Surgery

Medical Schools:

Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine

Professional Associations:

American College of Physicians

Laura Kelsey, MD brings extensive experience in the minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins. She received her Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan and her M.D. from Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. She completed her residence training in Grand Rapids and is a Board Certified General Surgeon. She joined the Grand Rapids Vein Clinic in 2005 to focus exclusively on the treatment of venous disease, excelling in the treatment of venous insufficiency.

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Dr. Kelsey

Grand Rapids

4085 Burton Street SE Suite 101 Grand Rapids
MI 49546,


837 Seminole Road
Norton Shores, MI


5123 West Saint Joseph Street
Lansing, MI

Dr. Kelsey is passionate about education and has presented at international meetings on the subject of blood coagulation, deep venous thrombosis, prophylaxis, and the treatment of other venous disease.  Dr. Kelsey is a member of the American College of Physicians, and serves as president of the alumni board of the M.S.U. College of Human Medicine.
Having spent most of her life in Michigan and active in the Grand Rapids community, Dr. Kelsey is a member of the American College of Phlebology, the American Venous Forum, the American Medical Association, Michigan State Medical Society and the Kent County Medical Society.
After these rewarding professional milestones, Dr. Kelsey is proud to now serve on the team at Center for Vein Restoration, where the physicians have rededicated their careers to bringing relief to patients coping with venous disease.
“My interest in venous disease started in my second year of medical school.  Between our second year and third year of medical school we had an eight-week break. My mentor Dr. Hassouna suggested that I use that time to go to Hawaii and work with venous experts Bo Ecklof, MD and Robert Kisner, MD. That was really my orientation into venous disease.  The years that followed, I studied thrombophilias at St. George’s Hospital in London and presented at the Penner International Coagulation Conference in Sophia, Bulgaria on Factor V Leiden, and Protein C and S deficiencies.”
Her dedication to providing state-of-the-art treatments comes at an important time –an estimated 40 million Americans now suffer from vein disease.  Medical practice is rapidly advancing to reduce the suffering from painful symptoms, and yet it’s still too often an under-diagnosed condition.
“My interest continued into General Surgery Residency when I focused on DVT prevention in trauma patients and authored a paper in Journal of Hematology.  When I completed my residency training, I worked as a general surgeon at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids for two years, and then left general surgery entirely to focus my career on venous disease. I have been at the Grand Rapids Vein Clinic – now Center for Vein Restoration — since that time.”
Dr. Kelsey describes her personal work in the field of venous insufficiency and areas where he has a particular focus:
“Although I enjoy all facets of my practice, my special interest outside the treatment of superficial venous disease continues to be the prevention of venous thromboembolic events. To that end, I have given many presentations helping to educate physicians, having helped establish protocols for rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient surgical centers to assess VTE risk, use appropriate prophylaxis, and treat DVT.”