Veinwave: What It Treats | by Dr. Carabasi

Written By Tony Carabasi III, MD, FACS

If you have spider veins located (telangiectasia) on your face, you might not like the way your skin looks. The red and blue lines that twist around the surface of the skin can create an abnormal complexion and make you self-conscious and lead you to mask your skin with cosmetics.

Luckily, cosmetic treatments are available that improve the appearance of your skin. After assessing your veins for any underlying conditions, you can discuss the procedures that are available to help eliminate spider veins.

At the Center for Vein Restoration, we offer Veinwave — an innovative technique designed specifically for spider and fine thread veins. The minimally invasive treatment can reduce the appearance of veins lining your skin and restore your vein health.

How Does Veinwave Work?

Veinwave treatment uses radio frequency energy to heat and close diseased veins. Through thermocoagulation, the blood in the vein clots and the surrounding tissues collapse. As a result, blood no longer travels through the vein, and the vein itself is metabolized by the body.

The Veinwave device consists of an insulated needle that your practitioner touches lightly onto the blood vessel. Through the needle tip, tiny bursts of thermal heat are administered that causes an immediate shrinking of the vein. Rather than insert the needle directly into the vein, Veinwave targets the outside of the vein wall while a protective covering keeps the needle from inflicting any trauma to surrounding tissues.

Any side effects that you experience post-treatment will be minimal and most people are able to go about their day following treatment. The procedure usually takes 15-25 minutes to complete. Many patients produce new facial veins over time, and so will come back annually for this treatment.

Is Veinwave Treatment Right for You?

Because there are so many procedures available that can reduce the appearance of spider veins, it’s essential to receive an evaluation that helps you and your practitioner learn more about what treatments will benefit you individually.

With an assessment of your vein health and a discussion of your cosmetic goals, you can decide whether Veinwave treatment is right for you. Veinwave will benefit those who have fine thread veins along the face or spider veins on the legs. The procedure is ideal for smaller veins that don’t necessarily require aggressive treatment or are too small to approach with other methods.

Veinwave will permanently eliminate the diseased veins it treats, but it is not a preventative measure that will keep new veins from forming. To reduce the chances of spider veins emerging on the skin, your practitioner may suggest lifestyle changes that improve circulation throughout your body. Different habits, like a new diet and exercise routine, will not only help keep your skin clear but also will increase your vascular health.

Immediately after your procedure, you should be able to return to your daily routine. Although you may need to limit rigorous activity for a few days, any limitations that you may experience will be short-lived.

If you would like more information about Veinwave, or to determine whether the procedure is right for you, contact Center for Vein Restoration at 240-965-3915 and schedule a consultation.

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