Center for Vein Restoration Committed to Peer-to-Peer Education and Increasing Awareness of CVI

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Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) concluded their National Summer Series of free 1.0 category one Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit webinars on August 20, 2020. The series, which featured six presentations by board-certified CVR physicians as presenters and Founder and CEO Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal has moderator and host, were held between May and August of 2020 and served an audience of over 1000 unique viewers. Topics ranged from lymphedema to leg pain, but all centered on diagnosing and treating one underlying cause: Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).

Accredited CME offerings presented by CVR physicians have long been a cornerstone of CVR’s commitment to education. In past years, CME dinners, held in communities serviced by CVR and organized by Physician Liaisons, have provided local physicians an opportunity to earn up to 2.0 category one CME credits in a single evening and learn more about CVI, a condition suffered by over 40 million Americans.

Unable to convene such events safely in the age of COVID-19, CVR launched their National Summer Series in May, to allow physicians from across the country and internationally to engage with CVR physicians live in a webinar format on a variety of vein-related topics.

The webinars were wildly successful with the final event in the series, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, presented by Dr. Peter Pappas, Vascular Surgeon, Regional Medical Director for Northern New Jersey, and Director of the Center for Vein Restoration’s Venous and Lymphatic Medicine fellowship program, drawing over 430 registrants. The audience included physicians from all fields of medicine, as well as renowned vein specialists from across the country.

“I am so proud to be able to offer this incredible educational opportunity to the worldwide community of physicians seeing patients suffering from chronic venous disorders,” said Dr. Lakhanpal. “We can only continue to redefine the care of patients with venous disorders by fostering an ongoing exchange - about current treatment options, case studies, and answering the questions of physicians specializing in other areas.”

For the presenting physicians, the webinar series is a chance to network with other doctors while showcasing their unique approach to patient care.

Of presenting, Dr. Pappas said, “Many physicians don’t think of CVI first when seeing a patient suffering from pelvic pain, or leg swelling – but is important to know the signs and symptoms. CVI is very treatable and manageable when caught early.”

Other presenters and topics covered during the summer series included:

  • Nick Morrison, MD, FACS, FACPh on “Modalities of Treatment for Chronic Venous Disease”
  • Zoe Deol, MD, FACS, DABVLM on “Venous Leg Ulcers”
  • Vinay Satwah, DO, RPVI on “Clinical Approach and Management for Phlebolymphedema”
  • Eddie Fernandez, MD, RPVI on “Skin Manifestations of Venous Disease & Differentials”
  • Sean Stewart, MD, MD on “Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Leg Pain”

While the National Summer Series has come to an end, CVR is continuing their educational webinars throughout the fall with the next webinar being held on September 22.

To learn more and attend CVR webinars, or watch recordings:

Venous insufficiency, the cause of significant suffering due to the sequelae of venous hypertension, most commonly arises as achy, tired and heavy legs. It may or may not be associated with varicose veins, spider veins or skin changes including venous ulcerations and indiscriminately affects between 30–40 million Americans. Numerous factors including age, weight, prolonged sitting or standing, genetics or a history of DVT (blood clots) can increase the risk of developing this common and often underdiagnosed disorder. Treatment options have evolved to an array of minimally invasive procedures in an office setting.

Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is the largest physician-led practice treating vein disease in the country. Having performed its first procedure in 2007 under President and CEO Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal, Center for Vein Restoration has since become nationally recognized as the clinical leader in treating chronic venous insufficiency. With 90 centers and growing, CVR has over 600 employees and conducts over 200,000 patient interactions annually. To learn more about CVR and its mission, visit or by phone at 1-800-FIX-LEGS.

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