Is Your Leg Pain Venous Insufficiency?

venous insufficiency

  WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY? Venous insufficiency, the underlying cause of varicose veins and spider veins, is most commonly associated with recurrent aching, unreasonable tiredness of the legs and leg swelling. All too often these symptoms develop over years, so most patients may take their presence as a part of aging. Commonly, women and men first notice […] Read More

Why your pregnancy is causing varicose veins & how you can treat them

pregnancy and varicose

  Why some women develop varicose veins during their pregnancy  Many women first develop varicose veins during pregnancy. They tend to get worse with each successive pregnancy and with age.  Being overweight, carrying twins or higher multiples, and standing for long periods can also make you more susceptible. Varicose veins may occur for a number of […] Read More

Bypass Surgery and the Great Saphenous vein

saphenous vein

What happens if the patient is having a bypass and they need the Great Saphenous vein? Generally, if the Great Saphenous Vein (GSV) is diseased enough that ablation is recommended, then the vein is not suitable for any type of use in a bypass surgery setting; either peripheral arterial bypass or coronary artery bypass grafting […] Read More

Are Your Legs Swelling Due To The Summer Heat?

leg swelling

Casuses of Edema AKA Leg Swelling Leg swelling or “edema” as it is called in the medical profession is a common condition that plagues many of our community members. In the summer months this condition can get much worse. Edema is swelling of both legs from a buildup of extra fluid. Edema has many possible […] Read More

Can Compression Stockings Enhance Your Leg Health?

compression stocklings

The answer to this question is absolutely! But only in a limited manner and only while you are wearing them. However, before we explore how and why this is the case we must first explore the underlying issues associated with venous insufficiency or venous reflux disease. Venous reflux is often caused by the reduced ability […] Read More

What is Compression Therapy?

compression therapy

When applied in a gradient manner, compression therapy counters the high pressures that occur in the legs as a result of venous insufficiency disease or venous reflux.  The use of compression socks or stockings helps improve the blood flow by compressing the veins and making the valves in the veins work more efficiently.  By delivering […] Read More

Ultrasounds & The Diagnosis of Vein Disease: An Overview

vein disease

Ultrasound imaging is a technique used to produce images of the internal organs of the body by virtue of sound waves. It’s a popular treatment for vein disease and a widely accepted technique because it is noninvasive, radiation-free, painless, portable, and a reproducible means of simultaneously assessing both the venous anatomy and physiology. What is […] Read More

A NICE Introduction to EndoThermal Ablation

thermal ablation

The United Kingdom’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has updated their guidelines for the treatment, diagnosis, and management of varicose veins. For the first time, NICE recommends heat ablation therapy as a first-line treatment instead of more invasive surgical procedures. Contrary to what the UK’s National Health Services and many insurance companies […] Read More

10 Myths About Venous Insufficiency

venous insufficiency

“Vein treatments are for cosmetic concerns only.” Often thought as a cosmetic nuisance, varicose veins represent an underlying venous disease that can lead to chronic pain, swelling and skin ulcerations. “My parents and grandparents suffered, so I’ll suffer too.” Nowadays there exists office based, minimally invasive, safe and effective treatments available. “Insurance does not cover […] Read More

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