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If my patient only has visible signs of spider veins (CEAP chart)

spider veins

If my patient only has visible signs of spider veins The medical term for spider veins is telangiectasias and in addition to the cosmetic issues they are associated with, they can also cause symptoms such as itching, burning, dry skin, warm skin, bleeding, or pain.   These veins measure <1mm, while reticular veins measure from 1-3 […] Read More

New Treatment Methods in Phlebology


New Treatment Methods in Phlebology By Robert C. Kiser, DO, MSPH Phlebology is a rapidly advancing branch of medicine. It has been Just over 10 years that thermal closure techniques such as radiofrequency and laser ablation were invented, and now they are the standard of care for ablation of superficial venous insufficiency. Thermal closure is […] Read More

“If you ablate one vein will it cause reflux to occur in another?”

venous reflux disease

No, although many patients may have multiple areas of venous reflux involving multiple viens, once a single vein is treated the efficacy of that treatment is over 95%. In other words, once a vein is ablated, that vein will stay closed permanently. Ablation is a very durable solution. Other veins, may, however require additional treatments […] Read More

Sclerotherapy: A Brief History

Venous Stasis Ulcers

Sklerosis: from the Greek, a hardening or induration of a tissue or part. Therapeia: from the Greek, treatment of disease or disorder as by some remedial or restorative process Sclerotherapy is a somewhat broad-based term to describe the medical technique of introducing medication into a vein for the purpose of shutting down and eliminating it. Typically this […] Read More

Seniors and Varicose Veins

vein myths

Fortunately, treatment for seniors or anyone for that matter, no longer means a hospital stay or a long, uncomfortable recovery. Minimally invasive techniques allow varicose veins to be dealt with on an outpatient basis. Self-help measures – such as exercising, losing weight, using compression stockings and avoiding long periods of standing or sitting – can […] Read More

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