As an actively expanding organization, CVR has assembled the most qualified and experienced team of physicians, researchers, and staff to serve patients across our 70 + vein center locations.

Hackensack, NJ

211 Essex Street, Suite 403
Hackensack, 07601

Hackensack, NJ

211 Essex Street, Suite 403
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Phone: (855) 565-8346
Fax: 201 488-0204

Complimentary Physician Visits Available at This Location.


The Vein Center Located in Hackensack

The Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) in Hackensack, NJ, is part of a large and accomplished group of vein treatment centers established a decade ago (in 2007). The Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) group is a leading national medical group devoted to treating all types of vascular disease, including varicose veins and circulatory issues from minor to severe. We offer complete diagnostic services to get to the source of your vein problems.

At CVR in Hackensack, we treat conditions from spider veins, which can be an unsightly cosmetic concern, to slow-healing leg wounds caused by systemic vascular insufficiency. We help our patients eliminate leg pain and prevent complications that can limit their mobility, with quick and effective treatments including sclerotherapy and venous ablation. We help our patients to eliminate or control vein disease for a healthier life and a high quality of life.

Meet Dr. Varma

Our vascular surgeon at the Hackensack location is Shubha Varma, MD, who has served as the Chief of Vascular Surgery at NJ’s Palisades Medical Center for ten years. With 23 years of experience as a vein doctor, Dr. Varma has also instructed students at the New Jersey Medical School in Newark and in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University, NY. Dr. Varma is dedicated to helping patients manage complex conditions such as venous insufficiency and venous ulcers, as well as treating less serious vein problems such as varicose veins and spider veins. Her extensive experience in advanced vascular surgery and the latest minimally invasive vein treatments make her uniquely qualified to serve vascular patients here in the Hackensack community

Physicians and Staff at this Practice:

Shubha Varma, MD