Learn about ClariVein for varicose veins.


ClariVein is a minimally invasive, office-based treatment option that can be administered quickly and relatively painlessly. The sensation during treatment can be compared to a series of pinching along the length of the vein. ClariVein uses a mechanochemical ablation device that combines two approaches to eliminate the diseased vein. The catheter of the device is inserted into the vein and injects a chemical known as a sclerosing agent, which closes the vein. Simultaneously, it deploys a tiny rotating wire tip, which destroys the diseased vein. The procedure requires less than 30 minutes and only one small entry point into the vein.

When is ClariVein used?

ClariVein is a good option for patients with an anesthetic allergy or if the vein is close to a nerve that could potentially be damaged by heat-based ablation treatments, like radiofrequency or laser ablation.

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What results are achieved using ClariVein?

When performed by an experienced vein specialist, ClariVein can successfully resolve many cases of varicose veins. In addition to improving the appearance of varicose veins, ClariVein also relieves symptoms associated with vein disease, including itching, throbbing, swelling, aching, and heaviness. Mild bruising and pain may occur after treatment with ClariVein, but most patients report that these side effects fade quickly.

What should I do after my ClariVein treatment to ensure vein health?

Because vein disease is a progressive condition, even after treating your varicose veins with ClariVein, you're still at risk of developing new varicose veins in the future. To prevent the development of new varicose veins in your legs, maintain a healthy weight and be sure to exercise on a regular basis. Try not to spend extended periods of time sitting in one position or standing still, as this can cause blood to pool in the veins in your legs. If you notice any symptoms of new varicose veins, contact your board-certified Center for Vein Restoration physician to discuss your treatment options.

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