CVR TV Ads Aim to Educate Consumers

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
Tv and remote effect on skin

Have you seen us on TV? As part of our commitment to educate the public about venous disease and treatment options, we’ve launched a series of TV ads in the Washington- Baltimore region. The spots were created with the help of agency DMW Direct. One ad gives examples of complaints we’ve received from real patients to highlight the symptoms and the personal cost of varicose veins: “My legs hurt all the time,” “I’m tired of leg cramps that keep me up all night,” “I’m embarrassed to wear shorts,” “I don’t like hospitals,” and so on. To illustrate the problem, the text of the complaints forms what looks like varicose veins on a patient’s leg. Then, a voiceover cautions the audience not to let symptoms linger and offers free consultations. The second ad features a CVR Patient Services consultant taking calls from the public, again highlighting common questions we receive, detailing symptoms and offering free screenings. You can view the ads on our Web site or on YouTube or Facebook; just search under “Center for Vein Restoration.”

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