Chinese Physicians Visit Center for Vein Restoration

Written By Center for Vein Restoration

This past September, two physicians from the People's Republic of China paid visits to several Center for Vein Restoration locations to begin training in state of the art management of Venous Insufficiency. These two physicians will be the first doctors at the Center for Vein Restoration’s Chinese facilities.

During this first visit, Dr. Lin Hong and Dr. Linfeng Yu were exposed to the conservative procedures currently used by the Center for Vein Restoration. In their subsequent visits, the doctors will receive extensive training in vein ablation using radiofrequency and laser technologies.

With several offices already open in India, and the new Chinese offices slated to open in the coming months, the Center for Vein Restoration hopes to continue to grow internationally. Several other countries, including Egypt, Brazil, South Korea, and Ukraine, have expressed interest in becoming home to more international clinics.

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