How Much does Vein Treatment Cost?

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
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Despite the fact that spider and varicose veins can be both embarrassing and painful, not everyone suffering with this vein condition is willing to seek treatment. Unfortunately, many believe the cost of the procedure will be more than they can afford, so they continue to suffer. If you are coping with spider or varicose veins and have put off treatment because you are worried about cost, we have a few basic facts to help you determine whether a procedure could be affordable for you.

Choices in Vein Treatments

Cost of vein treatment can vary considerably today, primarily because there are so many different vein treatments to choose from. Each of these procedures will come with a different cost. However, even when you choose the right procedure for you, cost may be affected by other factors as well.

Factors that Impact Cost

Some of the factors that could impact the overall cost of your vein treatment include:

-Location of your treatment – some areas of the country charge more than others
-Experience of the physician – more experienced vein specialists tend to have higher prices
-Anesthesia – some procedures are more comfortable with local anesthesia, which can increase the price of the procedure
-Number of veins – when multiple veins are treated, the cost may be higher
-Multiple sessions – if you will need more than one treatment to achieve full results, your cost will increase with every subsequent session

Because there are many different factors that can affect the actual price you will pay for your vein procedure, it is best to meet with your vein specialist to understand exactly how the cost of your procedure will be determined and what that actual cost will be.

Average Costs

With many factors to consider, the average costs of vein treatments can vary considerably. The numbers below represent a very rough estimate of what you might expect to pay for different procedures:

-Compression Stockings – usually run about $15 for standard and up to $100 for designer brands
-Spider Vein Treatment – both sclerotherapy and laser treatment runs about $250-$400 per treatment session
-EVLT – this laser treatment tends to run around $1,500-$4,000
-Venefit – the average cost of Venefit is around $2,000-$4,000
-Ambulatory Phlebectomy – typically runs about $1,000 per leg

Will Your Insurance Pay?

Keep in mind that the more expensive treatments are typically recommended for larger varicose veins, which are also the veins most likely to be accompanied by physical symptoms. If you are experiencing pain, swelling or skin changes due to your varicose veins, you may qualify for insurance coverage for at least a portion of your procedure. Many vein specialists accept a broad range of insurance today, making it easier for patients to get the treatment and the coverage they need.

Making the Right Choice

When you are selecting a doctor for your vein treatment, it can be tempting to go with the physician that offers you the best price. However, this doctor may not be the one with the most knowledge or experience with vein disorders. Instead of choosing a provider based on price alone, look for a specialist that works primarily with veins throughout most of their day and has ample training and experience in the area of vein disorders to ensure the best possible results.

If you are considering vein treatment, we can help. Contact Center for Vein Restoration today at 240-965-3915 to find out which vein treatment is the right one for you.

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