How to Find the Right Vein Doctor

Written By Tony Carabasi III, MD, FACS

When you are plagued by unattractive, painful varicose veins, your focus becomes on getting rid of them as quickly as possible. Before you schedule that procedure, make sure you find the best vein doctor for the job. Center for Vein Restoration has a few tips to help you find the doctor that will diagnose and treat your vein condition according to your specific needs.

The Right Credentials

Credentials, such as training, board certification and experience and specialty, will speak volumes about a surgeon’s ability to treat your vein condition. One of the best certifications a vascular surgeon can have is from the IAC – Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. This organization inspects regularly and demands rigorous standards before awarding and IAM accreditation for a vein center. AVVC was the third practice in America to achieve this high award, and is still one of a few nationwide. Another important certification is that from the American Board of Surgery, which offers specific certification in vascular surgery. These doctors are skilled and trained in the circulatory “vasculature” physics of your body. These credentials let you know your surgeon is committed to the highest standards in patient care and ongoing education, and ensures the best treatment options and outcomes are available to patients.

The Right Experience

Many doctors say they treat veins, when in reality, veins are NOT what they spend all day, every day on. Choose a doctor that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders, because this professional will have the experience and training to handle your condition. These doctors typically have the most state-of- the-art diagnostic equipment, as well as the innovative treatment options needed to give you the highest level of care. The last thing you want is someone who adds their vein patients on at the “end of the schedule” because it is part of the vascular specialty, and they have to do it.

The Right Recognition

In addition to qualifications and experience, find out what other doctors and patients are saying about the vein specialist you choose. For example, Dr. Carabasi, the founder and surgeon at Advanced Vein & Vascular Center was elected by his peers to be a member of the “Best Doctors” network. He has also been named a “Top Doc” by Philadelphia Magazine for 2 decades, a recognition provided by happy patients. Finally, many of the physicians in the Philadelphia area and beyond select Dr. Carabasi as the vein doctor for their own conditions or that of their family members.

The Right Treatments

Vein treatments have come a long way since the early days of painful surgical vein strippings. Today’s treatments can be performed “on your lunch hour” in your physician’s office and typically do not involve significant discomfort or downtime. By choosing a doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating vein conditions, you can rest assured there will be sufficient options in procedures to customize your treatment to your unique situation.

The Right Personality

Beyond the education, qualifications and experience, you want to find a vein doctor that makes you feel comfortable and well-cared for. The best way to ensure your vein doctor will be compatible with your personality and concerns is to schedule a consultation where the two of you can meet and discuss your condition and desires for treatment. From this meeting, you should know whether this physician will make you confident that the diagnosis and treatment offered is the right one for you.

Dr. Carabasi and the staff at Advanced Vein & Vascular Center understand you might be apprehensive about having your vein condition diagnosed and treated. You may have questions and concerns you need to address prior to moving forward with a procedure. They will work with you to put you at ease about the diagnostic process and assure that your procedure will be safe, effective and comfortable. To learn more about the services at the Center for Vein Restoration, call today.

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