Insurance and Vein Treatments: Is Coverage Available?

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
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Despite the fact that varicose veins can be both unsightly and physically painful, many patients refrain from seeking treatment for their condition. One of the primary concerns appears to be cost, particularly in light of the fact that most patients do not believe insurance coverage will extend to varicose vein treatment. The good news is that coverage is often available for these treatments after all and when it is not offered, finance plans offered by the physician’s office can make these treatments more affordable for patients.

Criteria for Coverage

Patients that are experiencing any of the following physical symptoms with their varicose veins are more likely to be eligible for insurance coverage:
Persistent pain or a heavy feeling in the lower legs
Swelling in the lower legs, ankles and feet
Leg cramping or restless leg syndrome
Skin changes (thickening, discoloration)
Development of open sores around the ankle

These symptoms indicate an underlying condition known as venous reflux disease. Some carriers may require an ultrasound examination verifying the venous disease before they will agree to coverage. Companies may also require a patient to try non-invasive treatments, such as compression stockings, before they will approve coverage for more expensive treatments like Venefit Radiofrequency Closure or Clarivein Pharmo-mechanical Ablation.

Patient Responsibility

Most physicians require the patient to provide required insurance information at the time of service, to allow the physician’s office to bill the carrier directly. The patient should determine what exclusions, limitations or additional expenses might be involved with the coverage. For example, most companies pay for just a portion of varicose vein treatment, leaving deductibles, copayments and co-insurance the responsibility of the insured.

At Center for Vein Restoration, we accept a large number of insurance carriers for the convenience of our patients, which are listed in detail on our website. In many cases, we are members of the networks, ensuring patients receive the most coverage available. We also work with some carriers that we do not participate with, as long as the patient has out-of-network benefits to cover services rendered through our practice.

Although insurance coverage is the responsibility of the patient, at Center for Vein Restoration, we understand the world of health care benefits has become a complex one to navigate for many patients. Our staff is happy to provide assistance in this area, to make the process easier for our patients. However it is ultimately up to the patient to secure coverage by following any necessary procedures required by the insurance carrier. To learn more about insurance coverage for varicose vein treatment, contact Center for Vein Restoration at 610-200-6924.

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