Opportunities for Vein Physicians Presented at AVF Forum Annual Meeting 2015

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
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Center for Vein Restoration had a robust flow of visitors as an exhibitor at the American Venous Forum Annual Meeting 2015. Held in late February at the Westin Mission Hills in Palm Springs, California, the annual meeting brought together world leaders in the field of venous and lymphatic health to discuss cutting- edge scientific research. It allowed each participant to gain new insights into how venous and lymphatic health is evolving, and to take advantage of rapidly developing technologies. The event drew a wide range of healthcare professionals including vascular surgeons, radiologists, interventional cardiologists, and technicians.

American Venous Forum (AVF) For Vein Physicians

Over the last 27 years the American Venous Forum (AVF) has led the field of venous and lymphatic disease by providing the highest quality evidence-based knowledge, raising awareness of the spectrum of venous and lymphatic disorders, improving the treatment options and care of patients with venous and lymphatic disease and preparing a new generation of venous health care providers. The AVF continually influences the field in these ways through educational programs, the premier of which is the AVF Annual Meeting.

The event proved to be the perfect opportunity for CVR to connect with some of the best in the field, and launch our new “Stronger Together” campaign. Our executive team was on hand at the booth to talk with vein physicians eager to learn about CVR’s business model.

“Our message to these physicians is simple,” explains Sanjiv Lakhanpal, MD, FACS, President and CEO. “Center for Vein Restoration is not only growing at a tremendous rate, but we also represent the model of medical practice that appeals to so many physicians nowadays: physician-led, physician-focused, and collaborative. And we offer world-class support services that manage billing, staffing and all the tasks that often take a physician’s focus away from treating patients. So, for a practice looking to partner with a larger organization, or a physician looking to join one of the most dynamic practices in the country, now is the time to talk about how we can be stronger together.”

To learn more about the “Stronger Together” campaign, see the "Physician’s Corner” on our website (www.centerforvein.com). Feel free to contact us at 240-965-3915 or e-mail us at: [email protected].

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