Part 5 of 5-Part Series: Varithena® Sclerotherapy

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Michael Cornwell, MD, FACS, is the Lead Physician in the Bensalem, PA, and Horsham, PA, Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) locations. In this video, he explains the use of Varithena® for the closure of truncal veins.

What Are Truncal Veins?

Truncal leg veins, including the great saphenous and small saphenous veins, are deeper, are not usually visible, and tend to feed varicose veins. Problems in leg veins on the surface usually stem from at least one of these truncal veins.

Using Varithena for Closure of Truncal Veins

Truncal veins traditionally have been treated using catheter procedures. According to Dr. Cornwell, while these procedures are non-surgical and used extensively, they are more involved than the Varithena procedure. The good news is that research in the use of Varithena in these larger veins has been very promising. Varithena has been studied on veins much larger than is typically seen (up to 25mm in diameter) and has been shown to be successful in treating these diseased veins, explains Dr. Cornwell.

Dr. Cornwell is encouraged by the results of studies on the use of Varithena treatment of truncal veins. He is hopeful that as data comes in, Varithena will be used more and more to treat extensive vein disease.

Dr. Cornwell is proud that CVR is on the forefront of standardizing this minimally invasive treatment for larger leg veins. Because CVR is a sizable organization with many physicians following a large pool of patients over the long term, CVR has the resources and expertise to lead the industry to treat vein disease.

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