Pioneer Cardiovascular Surgeon Partners with Center for Vein Restoration

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Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is proud to announce the addition of Jeffrey Alpern, DO to its expanding and esteemed roster of physicians treating venous disease throughout the country. His practice in Phoenix is Center for Vein Restoration’s second location in Arizona, alongside Dr. Nick Morrison’s Mesa-based practice. Dr. Alpern is a board-certified Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeon specializing in veins. In addition to his dedicated training in vein treatment, he has had multiple faculty appointments and decades of experience in cardiovascular medicine since the mid-80s. In August of 2011, Dr. Alpern founded Vein Specialists of Arizona and served as medical director for nearly a decade.

Jeffrey Alpern was the first DO to perform a heart and heart/lung transplant in the world. Among his other impressive qualifications, Dr. Alpern trained at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and was Surgical Director of Heart and Lung Transplantation at both Temple University and Hahnemann University Hospitals in Philadelphia, PA. He is the director and founding member of Desert Cardiovascular Surgeons in Phoenix. He earned his credentials from the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.

How Dr. Alpern Started

Dr. Alpern started his career in cardiovascular medicine, but while training, teaching, and seeing patients in the field, he found he was often treating people with spider veins, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, venous stasis, leg ulcers, or cellulitis. “Most of these patients,” he noted, “Suffered for many years and had a very poor quality of life. Some had been in and out of wound care centers for leg ulcer treatment. Others with varicose veins had experienced painful, debilitating vein stripping procedures with a long and difficult recovery period.”

Seeing this gap in care, Dr. Alpern founded the Vein Specialists of Arizona in 2011. At the time, Dr. Alpern was pioneer in using the simple, virtually painless, out-patient procedures that are considered the gold standard of the field today.

Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal, CEO; Dr. Khanh Q. Nguyen, Chief Medical Officer; Neil Collier, COO; and Ken Abod, CFO at CVR are all pleased to welcome Dr. Alpern to the company.

“Dr. Alpern clearly has a deep level of respect, understanding, and concern for the overall health of his patients,” said Dr. Lakhanpal. “His philosophy of treatment perfectly aligns with Center for Vein Restoration’s goal of offering complete vein care to every patient that walks through our doors.”

Dr. Alpern’s accomplishments and affiliations also include:

  • Affiliation with the Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa, AZ
  • Member, American Vein and Lymphatic Society
  • Widely published in peer-reviewed medical journals


Venous insufficiency, the cause of significant suffering due to the sequelae of venous hypertension, most commonly arises as achy, tired and heavy legs. It may or may not be associated with varicose veins, spider veins or skin changes including venous ulcerations and indiscriminately affects between 30–40 million Americans. Numerous factors including age, weight, prolonged sitting or standing, genetics or a history of DVT (blood clots) can increase the risk of developing this common and often underdiagnosed disorder. Treatment options have evolved to an array of minimally invasive procedures in an office setting.


Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is the largest physician-led practice treating vein disease in the country. Having performed its first procedure in 2007 under President and CEO Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal, Center for Vein Restoration has since become nationally recognized as the clinical leader in treating chronic venous insufficiency. With 85 centers and growing, CVR has over 500 employees and conducts over 200,000 patient interactions annually. To learn more about CVR and its mission, visit or by phone at 240-965-3915.

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