Summer is Coming: Are Your Veins Ready?

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
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It may seem hard to believe with snow still on the ground, but summer is just around the corner. As you begin dreaming about long, lazy days and sunshine, think about how your legs are going to look in those shorts and bathing suits. Are spider and varicose veins detracting from your appearance and making you self-conscious about donning your summer wardrobe? If your answer is yes, the good news is there is still plenty of time to treat those veins and achieve sleek, smooth legs for the upcoming season.

Treating Now for Results Later
Early spring is the perfect time to begin getting your legs in shape for summer. Most varicose vein treatments today are quick and minimally invasive. However, full results of those procedures may take a bit of time to surface. While most patients see immediate results after treatment, they can also improve even more over the weeks following the procedure. At the same time, swelling and bruising that are a normal side effect of vein treatment will have plenty of time to subside before your summer shorts start calling to you from the confines of your dresser.

Some treatments, such as sclerotherapy, may also take more than one treatment session to achieve full results. If you schedule your first treatment now, you will be more likely to make it through the entire treatment process before summer begins. Keep in mind you may also have a delay before you can start treatment, due to pre-treatment evaluation and scheduling conflicts. Give yourself a window to complete your procedure and you won’t have to worry about getting those sexy legs in time for bathing suit weather.

Protecting the Skin
After vein treatment, you will likely be advised to avoid direct sun exposure to the treated area for a number of days. When the temperature is still in the chilly digits, avoiding the sun is not usually terribly challenging. After all, you will be sticking with your tights and long pants for a few weeks longer. However, if you wait too long to have your vein treatment, you may need to restrict the time you would normally be enjoying the warm weather to the fullest.

At Center for Vein Restoration, we offer a variety of varicose vein treatments so we can customize your procedure to your specific needs. Nearly all of our vein treatments are minimally-invasive and involve almost no discomfort or downtime. To learn more about how we can help you say goodbye to unattractive varicose veins for good, contact our staff at Center for Vein Restoration.

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