There's No "Magic Potion" To Remove Varicose Veins at Home

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Common Marketed Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

If you've ever seen a commercial or advertisement about home remedies for removing varicose veins and thought that it seems too good to be true... it's because that it is too good to be true. Don't believe everything you see on the Internet or on TV, as the only effective way to remove varicose veins is to schedule a consult with a medical professional, such as our Fairbanks, Alaska, practice.

Why Home Remedies Are Not Effective

Despite the creative marketing attempt to make at-home varicose vein treatment seem effective, all you'll be doing is wasting time and money if you go this route. Not only do the creams and plant extracts that claim to resolve varicose vein issues prove ineffective, but they'll also drain your wallet. In the end, all you'll be left with is wasted time, wasted money and a whole lot of frustration. It's why the only effective way to ensure successful varicose vein treatment is to see a professional for minimally invasive solutions. We'll dive into some of these solutions in the next section.

What Are The Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

The good news about today's effective, long-lasting varicose vein solutions is that they're minimally invasive and more convenient than ever. In fact, most patients can return to normal activities the very next day after receiving treatment. Some of the popular minimally invasive treatment options include:

  • Laser ablation: In this procedure, a thin piece of fiber is inserted directly into the vein to essentially seal it shut.
  • Foam injection: Also known as foam sclerotherapy, this treatment injects foam into the vein in order to close it off.
  • VenaSeal: This treatment consists of administering an adhesive, or medical glue, that effectively seals off the vein. It's a newer treatment, but one that has proven safe and effective.

In each of the aforementioned procedures, the varicose vein is effectively sealed off and blood flow will naturally direct to healthy veins in the area around it.

Why Vein Treatment Options are Effective

So what makes the aforementioned vein treatment options effective compared to the at-home remedies that we discussed before? For starters, these treatments have been performed successfully for years - and they've been performed by qualified medical professionals, not do-it-yourselfers from home. While it's true that some things that you do at home, such as wearing compression stockings, or making certain lifestyle changes like exercising more, can help - there is no magic solution that you can purchase over the counter or from an online website. The only effective varicose vein treatments are the ones that have been performed in medical settings to high levels of success.

Finding Varicose Vein Treatment in Fairbanks, AK

For more information on varicose vein treatment, we'd like you to meet Dr. Ives in Fairbanks, Alaska. In practice since 1993 and exclusively treating vein issues since 2007, Dr. Ives has become the go-to expert for all vein issues in the Fairbanks and Anchorage areas of Alaska. Contact us today to learn more about Dr. Ives and be sure to view our varicose vein treatment options.

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