Varicose Vein Treatment Recovery – Our Top 3 Tips!

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
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Most modern varicose vein treatments are minimally invasive and require very little downtime afterwards. Many patients even report less discomfort during the procedure than they had expected! However, it is still critical that you follow your doctor’s instructions during the recovery process. Even if you’re feeling great after your procedure, your will still be adjusting and it’s important to help it heal in any way that you can. Each individual is different, but there are still a few rules of thumb that anyone can follow after a varicose vein procedure in order to expedite the healing process, and promote optimum results. Here are our top tips for a speedy recovery.

The most essential tool for healing directly after a venous procedure is compression legwear. Most commonly found in the form of stockings or socks, compression garments assist the body’s natural healing process. These tight elastic stockings apply a large amount of pressure to the legs, which helps to reduce the diameter of distended veins. This in turn, promotes increased blood flow and allows for optimal valve effectiveness.
Many patients that also suffer from aching legs could see a reduction in their pain as a result of compression therapy as well. While it is only essential to wear these garments for a few days or weeks after a procedure to promote healing, some find that continued occasional use of the stockings helps keep the circulation in their legs at optimal levels.
Take it Easy

Make sure to give your body plenty of time to rest after your procedure. That means not jumping right back into your daily routine without any downtime. Again, many patients report very little physical symptoms after a vein procedure and it’s easy to forget that your body is healing on the inside. We recommend you avoid strenuous activities and exercise for a week after your procedure, but we will want you to walk regularly! It may also be a great excuse to take a few leisure days from work! Maybe even a spa day? Be sure to focus on rest a relaxation.
Mix it Up

Don’t stay in one spot for too long. While strenuous activities aren’t a good idea during recovery, changing your position frequently throughout the day promotes circulation. A little light walking may also help get the blood flowing. Above all, try not to sit or stand for too long at once. This sedentary action can cause problems with circulation, and lead to complications down the line.
Of course everyone has a unique set of circumstances, and it is always essential to follow your doctor’s specific instructions when it comes to your recovery. If you’re thinking about seeking treatment for your varicose veins and have more questions, call the Center for Vein Restoration for free vein screening today!

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