Why should I send patients to a vein group when they could be treated for both the veins and arterial side with a vascular group? Do vascular groups have same capabilities for treating veins?

Written By Center for Vein Restoration

As with all medical and surgical practice, expertise arises from education, dedication, fascination, and specialization. While there are certainly practitioners who are excellent at treating many aspects of venous disease, CVR is dedicated to the treatment of venous disease. Because of this, we have all of the necessary tools (radiofrequency, laser, sclerosants) to treat virtually any condition. Most practices invest in a single modality and don't have the flexibility to treat what we do. CVR provides complete vein treatment. In addition, CVR invests heavily in peer review to assure that all patients are treated appropriately according to the most recent guidelines recommended by the Society for Vascular Surgery and the American Venous Forum. In addition, our staff is continually trained in the latest diagnostic techniques and specializes in venous disease. We work closely with many specialties to provide the best venous care. In fact, some vascular specialists choose to send their patients to us. These are a few of the reasons we are a national authority in vein treatment. In addition to CVR's ability to comprehensively treat venous hypertension in the lower extremities, CVR also is capable of the evaluation and treatment of lymphatic disease and supra-inginual vein disease.

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