Why Winter Is a Great Time to Treat Varicose Veins

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Recovering from varicose vein treatment is helped by a calm daily routine, which makes winter an ideal time to treat varicose veins.

Winter: season of toasty fireplaces, joyful holidays, and plenty of holiday shopping. Spring is just around the corner, but for now it’s time to stay indoors and relax in your coziest sweater. For people living with varicose veins, the winter season has another benefit — it’s a great time to finally get your bothersome varicose veins treated.

Why is winter a great time for vein treatment?

As anyone with varicose veins surely knows, varicose veins are a year-round problem. But there are several advantages to getting vein treatment in the wintertime that can make the treatment process easier and your recovery time more comfortable.

It’s worth noting that you should get varicose veins treated whenever your vein specialist deems necessary. But, if you’re on the fence about whether to get treatment or to wait it out a bit, there are some major benefits to getting treatment in the winter. These upsides include:

  • Doctors can see your veins more clearly. Cold weather during the wintertime can actually help your venous specialist to identify problem veins. In the winter months, our lifestyles become increasingly sedentary, especially among middle-aged and older people who most commonly experience varicose veins. Sedentary habits lead to more prominent varicose veins, due to decreased blood flow through your vascular system. This can make it easier than ever for doctors to locate and to correct troublesome varicose veins.

  • Compression stockings are nice and warm. If varicose vein treatment isn’t urgent, clinical operations like sclerotherapy and laser ablation may not be your doctor’s first resort. When a venous specialist identifies varicose veins, you may be asked to wear compression stockings to improve circulation in the limb where your varicose vein is located. In the summertime, compression stockings can be a hot, sweaty hassle — but in the winter, they keep your legs nice and warm!

  • You don’t have to show off your legs! Recovery from varicose vein treatment is usually a speedy, comfortable process. But the minor scarring or inflammation that can result from clinical treatments can make you understandably self-conscious during the recovery process. Fortunately, in the winter, you can take it easy on yourself with long pants to cover your skin as it heals.

How does varicose vein treatment work?

Varicose vein treatment has a wide range of benefits, both for your self-image and for your venous health. When you visit a venous specialist with varicose veins, you can choose among several effective clinical treatment options. If compression stockings aren’t effective in relieving symptoms, or if you want to eliminate a varicose vein once and for all, a vein doctor can seal up your vein with a filling chemical (sclerotherapy), a laser (endovenous laser ablation), or even remove the vein altogether (micro-phlebectomy).

Treating varicose veins at Center for Vein

Varicose vein treatments are not invasive, and they usually require no more than a few weeks of healing time. No matter what type of vein treatment you choose to receive, the winter months are a great time to do it. With easy recovery, warm compression stockings, and no pressure to show off your legs, you can recover from varicose vein treatment in the peace of your own home.

If you’re dealing with difficult varicose veins, visit us today at Center for Vein. With locations across the Atlanta Metro, our vein specialists are ready to help you address varicose veins, and build back confidence in your appearance. For more information, request a free virtual consultation today!

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