CVR is Proud to Welcome Aditi Malhotra Yadav, MD, to Skillman, NJ!

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Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is excited to announce the arrival of a new top vein doctor in Skillman, New Jersey, Aditi Malhotra Yadav, MD. Dr. Malhotra Yadav is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and board-eligible by the American Board of Vascular Medicine and the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine.

More About Vein Specialist Dr. Malhotra Yadav

Born and raised in New York, Dr. Malhotra Yadav earned her medical degree (with Distinction in Research) from Albany Medical College, one of the oldest medical schools in the nation. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital, where she was nominated and served as Chief Resident. Dr. Malhotra Yadav completed a prestigious Vascular Fellowship in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine at Center for Vein Restoration. This 12-month fellowship program is designed to provide broad, advanced training in diagnosing and managing chronic venous disorders.

We sat down with Dr. Malhotra Yadav to discuss her skills, background, medical interests, and why she chose to practice vein care at Center for Vein Restoration.

Please tell me your name and where you practice vein care

I am Dr. Aditi Malhotra Yadav. I provide vein diagnosis and treatment at CVR's Skillman, New Jersey, vein clinic in Montgomery Township.

Tell us a little bit about your professional experience

I was born and raised in New York. I graduated from the Physician-Scientist Program at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, followed by Albany Medical College. I graduated with a medical degree with a distinction in research, and after that, I completed my residency training.

Upon request, I also served as chief resident for the Internal Medicine Program at Stony Brook University Hospital. After becoming a board-certified internist, I joined CVR, where I completed my vascular fellowship in venous and lymphatic medicine, and here we are!

Why did you choose vein care as your specialty?

I chose vascular medicine as my specialty because I wanted to dedicate myself fully to serving and helping those suffering from venous and lymphatic diseases. These diseases can be extremely debilitating, significantly impacting a patient's quality of life. I wanted to ensure that these patients are cared for in the most appropriate way.

Why did you choose to practice with CVR specifically?

I chose CVR because I knew that as part of the CVR family, I'd genuinely be able to comprehensively care for my patients and clinic staff to the absolute best of my abilities.

"I chose to practice at CVR because I knew that as part of the CVR family, I'd be able to provide high-quality patient-centered care." –Aditi Malhotra Yadav, M.D.

What is your philosophy of patient care?

My philosophy of patient care focuses on teaming up with my patient to provide the best possible care for that person's vascular health in a complete, comprehensive, and thorough manner.

What unique skills do you possess?

Throughout my training and medical career as well, I have focused not only on the importance of learning but also on the importance of teaching. So, I have had the honor and privilege of holding multiple teaching leadership and mentorship positions throughout my life, including being chief resident of my internal medicine residency program.

Each of these experiences has given me a significant and unique ability to take a comprehensive journey with the person I'm taking it with and break it down and take it step by step with that person.

How do you see your role in helping your patients?

"My role is to dedicate myself fully to teaching and teaming up with my patients to provide the best possible care for that person's vascular health in a complete and thorough manner." –Aditi Malhotra Yadav, M.D.

What would you like your referring physicians to know about you?

Given my internal medicine background, I treat patients in a holistic manner. And when caring for their venous and lymphatic health in the most thorough way, I always take into account how it fits into the body as a whole. I feel extremely privileged to care for my patients, and I feel extremely privileged to those who send me their patients because I want to make sure I take care of them to the best of my abilities.

Are you experiencing symptoms of vein disease?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of venous insufficiency, such as leg pain or swelling, cramping, itching, feelings of leg heaviness, or varicose veins, CVR can help.

Dr. Malhotra Yadav and our other 70+ experienced vein doctors at 110+ vein clinic locations nationwide are here to provide you with the compassionate and comprehensive care you deserve. Call 240-965-3915 or schedule your consultation online today.

Does Center for Vein Restoration Accept Insurance?

CVR accepts many insurances, including Aetna, Amerigroup, Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, MultiPlan, Medicaid, Medicare, and more. Please contact your insurance company or call 240-965-3915 to speak to a Patient Services Representative about insurance coverage for your vein care.

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