Is it Worth Treating Varicose Veins?

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
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Do you think varicose vein treatment isn’t worth the time and cost? Think again.

Maybe you’ve already been living with varicose veins for some time. But now the pain, unsightly appearance, and other symptoms of the twisted, protruding veins have you wondering if it’s time to treat your varicose veins.

For many reasons, the answer is yes! You don’t have to live with varicose vein pain when several minimally invasive surgical options are available. These office-based procedures take no more than an hour to complete and can get you quickly back to your routine with few restrictions. In many cases, the incision is so tiny you’ll only need a band-aid to cover it. Afterward, you’ll realize treating your varicose veins was most definitely worth it.

Five benefits of treating your varicose veins

Varicose veins are more than just a cosmetic issue! Vein disease is a progressive condition that can lead to serious health complications. A vein specialist at Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) can discuss your treatment options. Vein treatment at CVR is well-tolerated and can eliminate the bulging veins safely and effectively.

You should notice the following benefits almost immediately once treatment is completed:

Symptom relief. Along with varicose veins come several distressing symptoms. These include pain, swelling, itching, cramping, and a feeling of heaviness in the legs. During the day, the symptoms may make it difficult to concentrate on your job, whereas at night, the symptoms can interfere with your sleep. With treatment, you won’t have to deal with the discomfort anymore!

Better appearance. In addition to the pain, varicose veins aren’t aesthetically pleasing. In cooler weather, people often hide embarrassing varicose veins under long pants. But when the temperatures warm up, people generally prefer to wear shorts and shorter skirts. Unfortunately, those with varicose veins tend to feel hesitant to show their legs. Varicose veins treatment removes that insecurity, allowing you to wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

Better sleep. Varicose vein symptoms can feel worse at night. During the day, your attention may be diverted by work or other tasks. However, people tend to feel the symptoms more acutely with fewer distractions, such as at night. Get a good night’s rest by treating your varicose veins.

Less chance of complications. If left untreated, varicose veins can lead to severe complications. Because the bulging veins are close to the skin’s surface, they can bleed easily from the slightest cuts or bruises. Because the skin around varicose veins is deprived of healing blood, it may turn discolored, scaly, and dry. Skin ulcers can also develop around varicose veins and become easily infected.

Additionally, varicose vein disease has been linked to a higher risk of blood clots. A blood clot in the legs may break away and lodge in the lungs, causing a potentially life-threatening pulmonary embolism. Receiving treatment can prevent these complications from happening.

Insurance may pay for treatment. If your varicose veins cause debilitating symptoms, your insurance carrier will pay for treatment, as the procedure is considered medically necessary. Check with your insurer on what is covered. The staff will work with you regarding the financial aspects of vein care. There is no reason to delay treatment if you’re worried about cost.

Any surgery is a significant decision and shouldn't be undertaken lightly. Yet once varicose vein treatment is over, you’ll realize it was one of the best choices you ever made about your health.

Know your treatment options

The vascular specialists at Center for Vein Restoration have performed countless varicose vein treatments over the years, helping thousands of patients overcome the pain and complications of varicose veins. Make an appointment at one of our offices nationwide to learn more about your treatment options. You can also speak to a Patient Services Representative by calling 240-965-3915.

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