Vein-Friendly Pool Workouts You Can Try

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
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Want to improve your vein health? Jump into a pool and try these vein-friendly exercises!

Painful varicose veins may deter you from exercising. But physical activity is a great way to reduce varicose vein symptoms and prevent new ones from forming.

Tiny valves in your leg veins pump blood up to the heart. They can weaken due to age, heredity, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle. Weakened valves cause blood to pool, which leads to swollen, painful, and visible varicose veins. Exercise, especially workouts that focus on the calf muscles, can help boost circulation and help push blood upward in the leg veins.

But did you know that certain types of exercises are more beneficial to your veins than others? You can do one of the best (and safest) workouts to help your vein health in your backyard or at your local pool.

Vein-friendly pool workouts

Swimming and other water-based activities are typically low-impact, which places less stress on the veins (and the joints). Here are some great workouts to try at the pool:

Do Laps. When you swim, your legs stay above your heart, which helps drive blood from the legs to the heart. The kicking action also pumps blood against gravity. As you float on the water, your veins feel less strain. Whether you do the breaststroke, butterfly, or backstroke, you’ll benefit from a great workout.

Do Water Aerobics. If swimming laps is not your activity of choice, that’s okay! Join a water aerobics class at your local pool or follow a video with water aerobic exercises.

Do Leg Kicks. Suppose your arms get tired easily from swimming. You can still get the benefits of a pool workout by holding onto a kickboard and kicking your legs.

Do Your Normal Exercises in Water. Just because you’re in water doesn’t mean you can’t do exercises you’d normally do on land. For example, practice a gentle jog in shallow or deeper water where you can’t touch the ground. While in the water, you can perform jumping jacks or lunges.

Improve your vein health today

Your veins are vital to your overall well-being. The physicians at Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) can discuss ways to improve your vein health through surgical treatment or conservative methods, including vein-friendly exercise.

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