What is Compression Therapy?

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
Compression socks

When applied in a gradient manner, compression therapy counters the high pressures that occur in the legs as a result of venous insufficiency disease or venous reflux. The use of compression socks or stockings helps improve the blood flow by compressing the veins and making the valves in the veins work more efficiently. By delivering the highest level of compression at the ankle and gently decreasing pressure up the leg, the wearer experiences immediate relief from tired, aching legs.

Maintaining leg health is a life long activity. The regular use of compression therapy helps to counter the damaging effects of high pressure in the veins - it also helps improve circulation. Taking steps to improve blood flow helps reduce the chances of developing chronic venous disease and helps manage varicose veins.

If you continue to experience leg pain or if compression stockings are merely controlling your symptoms, visit a vein specialist to explore more permanent solutions to your vein issues.

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