North Bergen, New Jersey


8901 Kennedy Blvd., Suite 3E
North Bergen, NJ 07047


7:00am - 5:30pm
7:00am - 5:30pm

The Vein Center Located in North Bergen, New Jersey

Your destination is located at 8901 Kennedy Blvd. (also known as John F Kennedy Blvd.), it is a three-story building with two lobbies and beautiful views of Meadowlands and New York City. The complex name is Crest Point and the Center for Vein Restoration is in Suite 3E other businesses in this building include the Valley National Bank, the Law Office of Louis A. Zayas, and other medical and dental offices.

If you are ordering an Uber or Lyft, please wait for them on Bergenwood Ave. instead of Kennedy Blvd.

Coming from the North - If you are traveling from the North you can take 91st street then cut over to Bergenwood Ave. and merge onto Kennedy Blvd. Landmarks include the following:

  • Fairview Cemetery
  • Delta’s Deli and Grill
  • Dollar Tree Store
  • If you get to Tom’s Exxon Station you have gone too far.

Coming from the South -You can take Kennedy Blvd. all the way.

  • Rose’s Italian Deli and Catering
  • Tom’s Exxon Gas Station is right before the Center

If you get to Delta’s Deli and Grill you have gone too far

Coming from the West -You will want to take Fairview Ave then cut over onto Kennedy Blvd. There is not a lot of nearby landmarks coming from the West.

Coming from the East - You can take West Side Street to 69th through 88th Street then turn onto Kennedy Blvd and head North. B.J.s Wholesale Club is the only landmark coming from the East.

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