Are Varicose Veins a Lifelong Problem?

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Although there is a chance varicose veins can return after treatment, vein disease does not have to be a lifelong problem! Manage your vein health and seek treatment today.

Suppose that after months of dealing with the pain, swelling, and cramping of varicose veins, you finally get your veins treated by a vein specialist. Your legs are once again smooth, and you’re free from the aching and heaviness caused by those protruding, twisted veins. But do you need to worry about varicose veins returning after treatment and becoming a lifelong problem?

The short answer is no! While there is a slight chance varicose veins can recur after treatment, it doesn’t mean the initial treatment was unsuccessful. Preventing varicose veins from becoming a lifelong problem comes down to making a lifetime commitment to your vein health.

Why varicose veins may recur

It’s important first to discuss the reasons why varicose veins may recur after treatment. Recurrence depends on many factors. For example, varicose veins run in families and are more common among women and older people. If you fall in those categories, you may stand a greater chance of recurrence following treatment. Overweight individuals and those who sit or stand for long hours may also see a recurrence of varicose veins if they do not make significant lifestyle changes after treatment.

It’s also possible not all varicose veins were treated during the initial procedure. Before treatment, your vein specialist performs a thorough ultrasound exam to detect diseased veins. However, some varicose veins that form deeper within the leg may go undetected and, thus, untreated.

Managing your vein health for a lifetime

Varicose veins don’t have to be a lifelong problem, but the first step is getting treatment for your vein disease. Don’t let the slim possibility of a recurrence deter you! Remember that managing your vein health is a lifetime effort, even after treatment. Further, not treating your varicose veins can lead to severe complications, such as skin ulcers and blood clots.

You can prevent or lessen your chance of varicose veins popping up again after treatment by:

Keeping up with your follow-up appointments. Your doctor will schedule follow-up appointments after the procedure. Don’t miss them! These visits give your vein specialist a chance to see how you’re progressing and whether you require another round of treatment.

Following post-treatment instructions. Successful treatment depends on taking care of your veins after the procedure. Your doctor will recommend wearing compression stockings to help the healing process and keep blood pumping through the veins. More efficient blood flow stops the pooling of blood in the veins. Looking for another great way to boost circulation? Take daily walks! Your calf muscles and veins work together to move blood back to the heart. Walking for 30 minutes not only strengthens the calf muscles but also enables those muscles to support blood flow in the veins, too.

Managing your weight. Those extra pounds you carry strain your veins, resulting in a buildup of blood that leads to swollen varicose veins. But you can lift that pressure by shedding pounds with a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. Avoid salty, fatty meals and reach for lean protein meats and high-fiber fruits and vegetables instead.

Varicose vein treatment can eliminate the painful symptoms of varicose veins. It’s also an opportunity to maintain healthy veins for the rest of your life.

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