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Center for Vein Restoration (CVR), the nation's largest physician-led practice dedicated to treating vascular disease, has expanded its network of specialty vein physician clinics by partnering with Carolina Vein Specialists. This alliance marks CVR's arrival in North Carolina and adds to CVR's growing national presence in vascular health, with over 100 clinics nationwide.

CVR proudly announces its partnership with Carolina Vein Specialists

Led by highly skilled, experienced, board-certified vein physicians Brent Greenberg, MD, DABVLM, FAAFP, RPhS, and Mark Featherston, MD, DABVLM; the addition of Carolina Vein Specialists helps fulfill CVR's mission to improve lives in the communities we serve by providing state-of-the-art vascular and lymphatic care in a compassionate and affordable manner.

This newest partnership adds a twenty-thrid state to CVR's nationwide footprint of over 100 vein centers.

CVR's North Carolina vein clinic locations now include:

1130 New Garden Road
Greensboro, NC 27410

1598 Westbrook Plaza
DriveWinston-Salem, NC 27103

Schedule at either of these North Carolina locations by calling to speak to one of CVR's helpful Patient Services Representatives at 240-965-3915.

About Dr. Greenberg

Dr. Brent Greenberg earned his medical degree from the Chicago Medical School. After serving as a chief resident, he worked in a San Diego private practice as a family physician for ten years, during which time he trained with a world-renowned vein specialist.

An author of articles in several medical journals, Dr. Greenberg, has regularly appeared on the San Diego Fox News Show "The Morning House Call" and lectures on vein disease at medical conferences. He served as a medical expert for the California Medical Board, a quality assurance director for Scripps Clinic in San Diego, and a private practice mentor for medical students and residents, in addition to tending to his clinical practice.

Dr. Greenberg is a diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, is board-certified in family medicine, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice.

"For my entire career, I was in private practice. As health systems evolved, managing the business by myself became harder. I began looking for a huge partner like CVR that had national influence. Something more collegial and made up of physicians like myself who understand what I do daily. I knew several doctors who joined for the same reason, and that's what inspired me to meet with the great team at CVR." – Dr. Brent Greenberg, Center for Vein Restoration (formally Carolina Vein Specialists)

About Dr. Featherston

Dr. Mark Featherston earned his medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine. After serving as a chief resident at Dr. Featherston practiced primary care medicine in Greensboro for ten years before completing a training fellowship in phlebology (vein disease)

After practicing primary care medicine in Greensboro for ten years, Dr. Featherston focused on specializing in vein care. He completed a fellowship in phlebology (vein disease) and later became a regional medical director in the field. His responsibilities included training and supervising physicians, nurses, and ultrasonographers in the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating vein disease.

Dr. Featherston was in the first class of physicians to pass the certification exam offered by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM). The ABVLM was established to maintain the highest standards and improve the quality of patient care related to the treatment of vein disease.

“It’s a changing time in medicine, That’s why it’s a perfect time in our practice to join CVR. There are a lot of administrative and regulative things that practices must do, which CVR is great at. CVR is collaborative and brings us into the 21st century with technology. I appreciate an opportunity to join a big group with a lot of excellence like CVR.” – Dr. Mark Featherston, Center for Vein Restoration (formally Carolina Vein Specialists)

Center for Vein Restoration: 15+ Years in Venous Care and Growing Strong

Established in 2007 by world-renowned and respected cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Sanjiv Lakhanpal, MD, FACS, CVR exists to provide venous health care that radically improves lives. Dr. Lakhanpal envisioned providing safe, personalized, and positive treatment for a woefully underserved population suffering from venous insufficiency.

At its beginning, Dr. Lakhanpal cared for approximately 100 patients from a single clinic in the Washington, DC, area. Since then, CVR has expanded to 100+ locations (and growing), with 80+ board-certified physicians in twenty-two states impacting the lives of over 200,000 patients annually and achieving a 98 percent patient satisfaction rating.

"The partnership with Carolina Vein Specialists and its caring, expert physicians, Dr. Brent Greenberg and Dr. Mark Featherston, marks the expansion of CVR into North Carolina for the first time. These two extraordinary physicians bring decades of collective experience providing state-of-the-art vascular care in an environment of clinical excellence. Alliances like this with Carolina Vein Specialists help fulfill CVR’s commitment to caring for patients with venous disorders throughout the United States." – Sanjiv Lakhanpal, MD, FACS, Founder & CEO, Center for Vein Restoration

About Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency, the cause of significant suffering due to the sequelae of venous hypertension, most commonly arises as achy, tired, and heavy legs. This common and underdiagnosed disorder affects between 30 to 40 million Americans. Risk factors include age, weight, prolonged sitting or standing, genetics, and DVT (blood clot) history. Treatment options have evolved to an array of minimally invasive procedures in an office setting.

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