Part One of Five: What is Varithena®?

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Varicose veins

What is Varithena?

Dr. Cornwell explains that Varithena is the brand name of the foam used during ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a procedure during which a medicine is injected into a diseased vein(s) to close the vein by “scarring” it. “The body then breaks the vein down, and it goes away,” says Dr. Cornwell.

While Varithena is a relatively new product, having been on the market for this use for about three years, it has gone through years of extensive research and study, according to Dr. Cornwell. The FDA approves Varithena foam treatment to treat large leg veins. Because Varithena has been so thoroughly studied, insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, approve of its use for the treatment of certain abnormal veins, adds Dr. Cornwell.

Who is a Good Candidate for Varithena Schlerotherapy?

Those with leg veins that are diseased and no longer functioning properly are a good candidate for this procedure. Symptoms would include pain, swelling, itchy, burning, cramping muscles, and nighttime restless leg symptoms. Dr. Cornwell explains that swelling occurs because blood in the vein starts to back up and create pressure, forcing fluid out of the veins and into the surrounding tissue.

A patient experiencing skin conditions— from mild flaking to more severe skin darkening and thickening—may also be a candidate. In the most severe cases, wounds that are difficult to heal develop because of diseased veins below the skin.

In addition, a patient who has varicose veins confirmed by ultrasound to have “backward blood flow within the veins” (known as reflux), is an ideal candidate for the Varithena sclerotherapy procedure.

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