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Get to Know Dr. Thirumlai

Born in Queens, New York and raised in New Jersey, Priya Thirumlai, MD studied medicine at Sri Devraj Urs Medical College in India. She did her General Surgical Residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and an OBGYN residency at the University of Maryland.  She is Board Certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is affiliated with the Mayo Clinic Health System in Waycross, Georgia.

Dr. Thirumlai's Credentials

  • American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Sri Devraj Urs Medical College
  • Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Phlebology
  • Spider Veins
  • Varicose Veins
  • Venous Insufficiency
  • Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2012 , 2014)
  • Resident Teaching Award from the University Of Maryland
  • English
  • Tamil
  • Kannada

More About Dr. Thirumlai

She is proud to be a St. Vincent’s Guardian Angel Award winner — a patient-nominated award for great care going “above beyond the standard.” The patient has to nominate a staff member and donate a cash award in the nominee’s honor to the hospital. She was the winner for 2013. She also is an HCA Healthcare Distinction Award Winner and twice winner of a Most Compassionate Doctor Award.

After these rewarding professional milestones, Dr. Thirumlai is proud to now serve on the team at Center for Vein Restoration, where the physicians have rededicated their careers to bringing relief to patients coping with venous disease.

“I’ve personally experienced the discomfort venous insufficiency can cause in addition to my professional interest in Pelvic Congestion syndrome. Both helped guide my path to this field.”

Her dedication to providing state-of-the-art treatments comes at an important time – an estimated 40 million Americans now suffer from vein disease. Medical practice is rapidly advancing to reduce the suffering from painful symptoms, and yet it’s still too often an under-diagnosed condition.

“The ability to perform minimally invasive outpatient procedures that have a high patient satisfaction rate while resolving primary complaints is rewarding and gratifying.

The knowledge of Pelvic anatomy and management of chronic pelvic pain along with the diagnosis of Pelvic congestion syndrome makes me a more empathetic doctor.

Dr. Thirumlai describes her personal work in the field of venous insufficiency and areas where she has a particular focus:

“I have an interest in mini-phlebectomies to obtain a better result for patients. In addition, the ability to counsel, interpret and manage patients with Pelvic Congestion syndrome is equally important.”

Most recently, Dr. Thirumlai recently published a case study on Varithena, an optimal treatment choice for a patient with tortuosity and skin changes.

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