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Edison, NJ 08820


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7:00AM - 5:00PM

The Vein Center Located in Edison

There are two main roads Middlesex Ave. runs Southwest and turns into State Route 27 at Edison State Park. If you were traveling from the South or the West this road would be your best choice. James Road is the section where State Route 22 becomes Middlesex Ave.

If you are traveling from the East or the North you would want to take Grove Ave, which intersects with Middlesex Ave. If you continue down Grove Ave, James Street is on your right.

Meet Dr. Feng

Dr. Feng is recognized both on a local and national level for his state-of-the-art techniques and clinical knowledge as well as his superlative level of positive outcomes for his patients. He has helped lead the way for providing advanced, state of the art, minimally invasive image-guided vascular procedures.

Dr. Feng has done thousands of procedures in the vascular specialty area including the following:

  • Treatment and creation of venous access for people on dialysis
  • Minimally- invasive venous bypass procedures
  • Non-surgical treatment for life-threatening bleeding
  • Venous Varicosities
  • Catheter focused treatment for venous insufficiency disease

Most Recent Reviews of Edison, NJ

Our patients come first and our reviews are the result of patient surveys throughout the journey of our patient’s treatment. Hear about their experiences at this office.

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