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About Center for Vein Restoration in Prince Frederick, Maryland

Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is proud to serve patients at our Prince Frederick vein clinic. The physicians and staff at CVR Prince Frederick have decades of collective experience treating symptoms of vein diseases such as varicose veins, spider veins, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and other vein conditions related to chronic venous insufficiency (vein disease).

The board-certified physicians at Center for Vein Restoration are world-renowned vein specialists, authors, lecturers, and trainers on the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating vein disease. Commitment to patient care goes beyond physician credentials, however. Our entire team works together to provide our patients with a level of comfort and understanding.

Our Vein Clinic in Prince Frederick, Maryland

Prince Frederick, Maryland, is in Calvert County, only five miles from the Chesapeake Bay. It is such a charming, livable city that best-selling author Tom Clancy periodically calls Prince Frederick home. If you call it home, be sure to visit Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary, a 100-acre ecological sanctuary featuring a nature trail with an elevated boardwalk, live animals, exhibits, classes, and demonstrations.

Center for Vein Restoration's Prince Frederick vein treatment center offers cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedures to address vein problems, such as leg pain, heaviness, swelling, itching, restless legs, cramping, and other symptoms of venous insufficiency.

Lexington Park, MD - The center is approximately a 40-minute drive from Lexington Park. At MD -235/ MD-4 N intersection, enter MD-4N/Patuxent Beach Road towards the Solomons Bridge. Continue on MD - 4N for 23 miles. Turn right onto Steeple Chase Drive (Taco Bell and McDonald's is on the corner of the Steeple Chase Drive exit). The Fox Run complex is on your right-hand side. Turn right into the complex and follow signs for the back of the building. Our suite is located in the center of the complex at Suite 401.

Dunkirk, MD
- The center is approximately a 20-minute drive from Dunkirk. Head southbound on MD-4S/ Southern Maryland Blvd. Continue to follow MD-4S for 13 miles. Once you have passed CalvertHealth Hospital, move into the left lane. Make a left turn onto Steeple Chase Drive (by McDonald’s and Taco Bell). The Fox Run complex will be on your right-hand side. Turn right into the complex and follow signs for the back of the building. Our suite is located in the middle of the complex at Suite 401.

Hughesville, MD– From the roundabout beneath Rt 5, enter MD-231 E/ Prince Frederick Rd towards Prince Frederick, MD. Continue to follow MD-231 E for 12 miles passing over the Benedict Bridge. Continue to follow MD-231 E for 12 miles. The Prince Frederick Ford Dealership will be on your left at the intersection of MD-231/ MD-4 N. Use the left two lanes to turn left onto MD - 4N at the light. Travel approximately one mile after you pass through the MD-4 N. Turn right onto Steeple Chase Drive (a Taco Bell and McDonald’s is on the corner of the Steeple Chase Drive exit). The Fox Run complex is on your right-hand side. Turn right into the complex and follow signs for the back of the building. Our suite is located in the center of the complex at Suite 401.

Meet Dr. Frank Sbrocco

Frank Sbrocco, MD, is a devoted and skilled vein physician who has helped patients overcome and manage venous insufficiency at Center for Vein Restoration for over a decade. He is board-certified in obstetrics, gynecology, and venous and lymphatic disease.

Drawing from this unique combination of experience and expertise, Dr. Sbrocco is particularly interested in treating pelvic vein disease. This painful condition affects women when weak, dysfunctional uterine veins cause blood to pool in the pelvis. These pelvic varicose veins can cause bloating, pressure, gassiness, and bugling in the inner upper thigh or labia.

Dr. Sbrocco offers many advanced, minimally invasive outpatient procedures to close problem veins so blood can flow freely to nearby healthy veins, eliminating pain and visible, enlarged veins.

“My personal vascular injury piqued my interest in venous disease. I chose to focus solely on the evaluation and treatment of vein disease after I received specialized training in venous insufficiency and minimally invasive endovascular ablation techniques.” – Dr. Frank Sbrocco
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Services at Center for Vein Restoration, Prince Frederick

Our board-certified vascular surgeons offer a wide range of innovative treatment options for leg pain, swelling, cramping, itching, varicose veins, spider veins, restless leg syndrome, ulcers, and other symptoms of vascular disease.

Symptoms of vein problems

When the tiny valves in your leg veins fail to circulate blood back to the heart, it can be a sign of venous disease.

The result can be:

These symptoms are often the result of venous insufficiency and are unlikely to heal on their own. This common vein condition is progressive and will likely worsen without treatment.

Vein treatment options

Vein care providers at vein treatment clinics use the most advanced minimally invasive treatments available today. CVR’s modern outpatient treatment plans are far superior to the older vein-stripping methods used in the past.

Treatments include VenaSeal, a proprietary medical adhesive that safely closes off varicose veins, and ClariVein, a two-in-one approach that uses an ablation device to inject a sclerosing agent that closes the vein with a tiny rotating wire tip, which destroys the diseased vein.

At Center for Vein Restoration, we offer a wide variety of other treatment options, including:

Vein treatments take approximately an hour or less to complete, and patients can return to their normal routine immediately with few restrictions. No staples or stitches are required because a simple band-aid covers the tiny incisions. Our outpatient vein treatments require only local anesthetics. Recovery and symptom relief are fast, and there is little to no scarring.

How to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sbrocco

Scheduling an appointment at Center for Vein Restoration in Prince Frederick, Maryland, is easy! You can now book an appointment online.

CVR accepts all major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Don't see your insurance company online? Contact us at 240-965-3915 to find out if you're covered.

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At CVR, your vein health is our sole priority! Patients tell us they feel the CVR difference, from our compassionate, supportive staff to our patient-centered approach; CVR made their vein health journey safe and comfortable. These testimonials say it all: CVR's attentive staff and effective treatments earn top marks from patients.