After Years of Suffering from Varicose Veins, a Happy Patient Finds Relief

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Blog Image Patient Story Allison Ward

Medically reviewed by Vinit S. Shah, DO, on June 1, 2023

After being told that her painful varicose vein was “just cosmetic,” this satisfied Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) patient found the help and compassion she needed that has her singing her CVR doctor’s praise!

Allison describes visiting a vein doctor approximately three years ago after first noticing a varicose vein in the side of her leg. This doctor (not associated with Center for Vein Restoration) advised her after an examination that her blood flow was satisfactory; therefore, any procedure to correct the unsightly vein would be considered cosmetic (i.e., an out-of-pocket expense). Allison decided not to pursue treatment at that time.

A varicose vein gets worse

Because the root cause of varicose veins, venous insufficiency, is a chronic disease (meaning that it is long-lasting, unlikely to resolve on its own, and tends to get worse over time), Allison’s leg vein grew more prominent and more uncomfortable.

She recalls the moment when she knew that something had to be done about her vein disease symptoms when her father, whom she lovingly describes as “a man who cannot hear or see anything,” noticed from a distance her protruding leg vein and asked, “What’s that on the side of your leg?” Instantly, she knew that she needed to do something about it.

During a quick Google search, she found Vinit S. Shah, DO, at the top of the search. He is the lead physician at Center for Vein Restoration’s Edison, New Jersey, and East Brunswick, New Jersey, vein clinic locations. Conveniently, the center nearest to her is only five minutes from her home.

Scheduling a vein appointment is easy!

Allison found Dr. Shah’s online reviews exemplary and filled out an ONLINE FORM to schedule an appointment. She marvels that, having filled out the form on a Saturday, she had her first vein consultation just a few days later on Tuesday. Even being the morning’s first appointment, Allison remarked how “friendly and helpful” the staff and Dr. Shah were.

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Shah found Allison’s vein disease treatment medically necessary.

“From start to finish, it was an amazing experience. I even told one of my coworkers about it, too!” – Allison W., CVR patient

Vein procedures that make all the difference

Allison says she “feels great!” following the two minimally invasive vein treatments that helped her look and feel her best. The procedures were performed during separate office visits.


During this procedure, Dr. Shah used a catheter to insert a small amount of medicated microfoam into the diseased vein, collapsing it. Blood is then redirected to healthier nearby veins. Allison describes this procedure as painless, adding that she was “in and out of the office in five minutes,” adding “it was painless.” The next day she went to the gym and walked on the treadmill without complications.

Ambulatory phlebectomy

The affected vein was removed through tiny incisions that required only a Band-aid afterward. This procedure took 45 minutes to complete. Allison gushed about the “5-star treatment” she received from Dr. Shah and his team, saying they accommodated her in every way they could, ensuring she was comfortable and even taking requests for the music she wanted.

“Dr. Shah, his assistant, and everybody on the team were great from start to finish. No complaints. Five stars, ten out of ten. I would highly recommend!” – Allison W., CVR patient

Any message for your Center for Vein Restoration doctor?

“Thank you so much, Dr. Shah. I can finally wear shorts again without feeling self-conscious. I feel great and look great, which boosted my confidence 100%! Thank you so much for everything!” – Allison W., CVR patient

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