Center for Vein Restoration Offers Flexible Telemedicine Options

Written By Center for Vein Restoration
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More and more patients want flexibility and accessibility from their healthcare providers. The Center for Vein Restoration is proud to offer both virtual and in-person appointments.

In light of ongoing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, Center for Vein Restoration offers telehealth appointments for our patients’ safety and convenience. Although we continue to book in-person visits in our COVID-safe offices, we understand many patients are at high risk and prefer a telemedicine alternative, and we are proud to provide them that option.

If you would like a telemedicine option, you are not alone. The alternative has increased in popularity in recent years. According to consulting firm Software Advice, 84 percent of patients said they were either much more likely or somewhat more likely to choose a medical provider that offered a telemedicine option. Center for Vein Restoration is one of those providers, and we’ll guide you through the process so you can enjoy better vein health.

How to Attend a Telemedicine Appointment

To participate in a telemedicine appointment, you’ll need a secure WiFi connection. We’ll connect you with a physician through Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer for the consultation. If you prefer, we can also speak to you via telephone.

The telemedicine appointment will proceed much like an in-person visit. Your doctor will ask a series of questions about health history, symptoms, and lifestyle. This will help your doctor find out what may be causing your discomfort, whether it’s varicose veins or another vascular disorder.

Your doctor may also ask that you show them your legs, so wear loose-fitting pants you can pull up easily to give the doctor the best view. If the doctor determines you may be helped by prescription-strength compression stockings, be sure to have a tape measure handy so you can record the circumference of your ankle, calf, and thigh. Once the measurements are taken, you’ll receive your pair in the mail within a few days.

Wearing compression stockings is one at-home remedy for the pain and swelling of varicose veins, but your doctor may suggest other self-care methods, including exercising regularly to tone the calf muscles, elevating your legs, or eating a healthy, low-sodium diet.

After the virtual screening, your doctor may recommend an in-person visit. Although at-home treatments may reduce varicose vein symptoms, the only method to completely eliminate them is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which can only be performed in an office setting. Rest assured that the Center for Vein Restoration has instituted strict protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We limit the number of patients in our waiting room, ask them to wear a mask and sanitize their hands, and practice social distancing. Each treatment room will be disinfected between patients. We believe these guidelines will maintain the safety of our patients while also providing the professional vein care Center for Vein Restoration strives for each day.

We’re Open for In-Person or Telemedicine

The Center for Vein Restoration is committed to safe, quality patient care, and that means offering our patients the flexibility of in-person or telemedicine appointments. With many of our patients quarantined at home and unable to leave their house for child-care, work, or health reasons, we want to make receiving the finest in vein treatment convenient. Contact us today to discuss which option is best for you.

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