Minimally Invasive Vein Treatment by Board-Certified Experts

Center for Vein Restoration’s vein specialists offer advanced, patient-centered treatment options in a comfortable outpatient setting.

Customized Treatment for Problem Veins

Chronic venous insufficiency, the root cause of varicose veins and spider veins, affects more than 25 million people in the United States. Venous insufficiency (also known as vein disease) can negatively impact one’s health and overall well-being, causing leg discomfort, including cramping, swelling, itching, feelings of heaviness, restless legs, skin changes, ulcers, and more.

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It’s Common

1 in 4 Americans suffer from chronic venous insufficiency. Early treatment is vital to avoid serious complications, such as bulging veins, leg pain, slow-healing sores, skin changes, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) blood clots.

Vein Symptoms Vary

People experience vein disease differently. From itchy, unsightly spider veins to bulging, debilitating varicose veins or darkened, leathery skin and leg and ankle ulcers, CVR vein specialists are ready to help, no matter your vein condition.

Treatment is Fast & Minimally-Invasive

Patients receive cutting-edge vein treatment in an hour or less in a comfortable office setting, allowing them to return to normal activities immediately, with few restrictions.

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Vein disease is highly manageable and treatable—in the right hands.

Since 2007, Center for Vein Restoration, the clinical leader in vein care, has offered personalized, cutting-edge vein treatment options in a caring, supportive, office-based environment.

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We accept many insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid

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Our dedicated staff has helped countless people navigate the insurance process—and we can help you, too! Call CVR for more information: 877-425-2608.

Minimally invasive treatment options. Board-certified vein doctors

Outpatient treatment gets you back to living life to the fullest quickly. Imagine having pain-free legs that you can be proud of!

Patient Testimonials

Thank you so much, Dr. Shah. I can finally wear shorts again without feeling self-conscious. I feel great and look great, which boosted my confidence 100%! Thank you so much for everything!

Vinit S. Shah, DO

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"Very simply, I had a varicose vein that was causing me pain after 3 children. I knew it would only get worse over time. Dr. Miller and his staff were experienced and kind. I had a great overall experience and would recommend them to anyone.”

Salem, New Hampshire

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“The doctor and staff are very professional and helpful. Everyone was very nice. They explained the procedures and expectations. The staff is always on time and the process was easy. And there is such a positive difference in my legs now!”

Dr. Soto, MD

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“In addition to varicose veins, I’ve had a constant aching and heaviness in my right leg, but Dr. Shah has done a few procedures that have helped me feel better. He makes each procedure as painless as possible. Now I’m back to see him every six months or so.”

Mehul Shah, MD

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