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About Center for Vein Restoration in Downers Grove, Illinois

As the nation’s leader in vein care, Center for Vein Restoration brings the knowledge and compassionate treatment that we are known for to Downers Grove. Each of our 100+ vein clinic locations is supervised by a physician certified in vascular medicine and supported by experienced, caring staff.

With a sole focus on vein health, Center for Vein Restoration offers many minimally invasive surgical procedures to eliminate the discomfort and unsightly appearance of varicose veins and spider veins. Proven techniques such as sclerotherapy, laser ablation, and radiofrequency ablation use a safe, proven medicine or thermal heat to eliminate malfunctioning varicose veins. Uncomfortable varicose and spider veins eventually fade along with the discomfort. Ambulatory phlebotomy removes varicose veins through two tiny incisions.

Center for Vein Restoration doctors are also well-versed in newer innovations to treat varicose veins. VenaSeal seals off a damaged vein using a proprietary and safe medical adhesive. Employing both a sclerosing agent and a rotating wire tip, ClariVein closes the blocked vein. Once the vein is treated, blood flows to nearby healthy veins for smooth, clear skin.

Our physicians and staff will discuss each procedure in detail so you can make an informed decision. We’ll also guide you through the post-surgery period and provide lifestyle tips to ensure a complete and long-lasting recovery.

About Our Location in Downers Grove

A vibrant suburban community, Downers Grove is a mere 25 miles from Chicago’s Loop District. But residents don’t have to venture into the city to enjoy cultural and leisure pursuits. The Downtown area of Downers Grove features retail, restaurants, and an annual Fine Arts Festival. Encompassing more than 600 acres, Downers Grove Park District is home to the city’s museum, a picnic area, and a 150-acre nature center at Lyman Woods.

Meet Dr. Terpstra

Dr. Barbara Terpstra, MD, leads our vein practice in Downers Grove. Board-certified in OB-GYN and phlebology, Dr. Terpstra has a special interest in treating vein disease in women.

Dr. Terpstra graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a medical degree. From there, she completed an OB-GYN residency at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans.

Before joining Center for Vein Restoration in 2020, Dr. Terpstra served for many years as the medical director of the Orland Park location of the Midwest Vein Center. She is a member of the American Vein and Lymphatic Society (formerly known as the American College of Phlebology) and completed her Phlebology Fellowship through the Midwest Vein Center Training Institute.

A long-time Chicagoland resident, Dr. Terpstra was a practicing OB-GYN physician for three decades before switching her focus to vascular care. With her surgical, ultrasound, and clinical background in treating women’s health issues, Dr. Terpstra combines the newest technologies with solid scientific data in her practice as a phlebologist. Using her knowledge and experience in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Terpstra successfully treats pregnancy-related varicose and spider veins.

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