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About Center for Vein Restoration, Sylvania, Ohio

Our vein center in Sylvania, Ohio, focuses on the best patient experience and clinical outcomes when treating vascular disease, starting with a thorough initial evaluation. One of our highly trained vascular technicians (VT) will perform a duplex ultrasound of both legs to determine the extent of the problem. This ultrasound thoroughly examines the deep and superficial veins throughout each leg. The VT will note all issues within the venous system (the network of veins that delivers blood back to the heart).

Your vascular specialist will meet with you, examine your legs, present your scan findings, and review your treatment options. If your symptoms, physical exam, and ultrasound reveals that treatment is needed, a treatment plan is developed with you. Before you leave our clinic, you will understand your venous disease, have an opportunity to ask any questions, and know a path toward getting your legs feeling and looking great again.

Our Vein Clinic in Sylvania, Ohio

A suburb of Toledo, Ohio, Sylvania is in Lucas County. It is known as “Tree City USA” due to its commitment to caring for its existing trees and expanding its city forest. The name Sylvania comes from Sylvan, the Latin word for “woods or trees.”

For those looking above the trees toward the skies, the Appold Planetarium at Lourdes University features SciDome, allowing real-time 3D sky simulation, full dome shows, and multi-media presentations.

Sylvania Historical Village & Heritage Center Museum immerses visitors in the past in the heart of Sylvania’s beautiful historic downtown. Visit the 1850s Lathrop House, the only Underground Railroad Site in Northwest Ohio open to the public, and the Historical Village, featuring original and recreated historic buildings tracing the early history of Sylvania.

Meet Doctor Zoe Deol

Zoe Deol, MD, FACS, earned her medical degree from Michigan State University. After completing a general surgery internship at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, she completed a six-year general surgery residency at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. Dr. Deol went on to sub-specialize in laparoscopic bariatric surgery by completing a fellowship at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago and two additional mini-fellowships in bariatric surgery.

Dr. Doel observed that after her bariatric surgery, patients lost weight; they often sought treatment for varicose veins, heaviness, fatigue in their legs, and other signs of venous insufficiency, hindering their ability to exercise and maintain their weight loss. She further observed that autoworkers who stand on their feet for hours also suffer from vein disease. These concerns prompted Dr. Deol to turn her professional focus on providing minimally invasive outpatient surgery to help these patients suffering from venous disease.

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Services at Center for Vein Restoration, Sylvania, Ohio

Our board-certified vascular surgeon offers a wide range of innovative treatment options for leg pain, swelling, cramping, itching, varicose veins, spider veins, restless leg syndrome, ulcers, and other symptoms of vascular disease.

Your vein health evaluation will begin with a complete medical history and a thorough examination of your legs. An ultrasound may be performed to see inside the veins to assess blood flow. If deemed necessary, your vein doctor will review vein treatment options with you.

You will leave this appointment with a complete understanding of your vein health and a treatment plan.

Symptoms of vein disease

When the tiny valves in your leg veins fail to circulate blood back to the heart, the result can be leg pain, itching, swelling, cramping, varicose veins, spider veins, feelings of heaviness, skin discoloration, or ulcers that are difficult to heal. Known as venous insufficiency, the vein condition is progressive, meaning it will get worse without treatment.

If you have any one or more of these vein problems, our experienced vein specialists can help.

Vein treatment types

Thanks to medical advancements in treating venous disease, varicose and spider veins can be corrected using minimally invasive, office-based procedures. Your CVR doctor will recommend the best treatment option(s) based on your unique needs.

Treatments include (but are not limited to) direct injection of medicated microfoam into diseased veins called ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, a proprietary medical adhesive that closes off varicose veins called VenaSeal, and heat treatment of affected veins via laser ablation or radiofrequency ablation, to name a few.

How to schedule an appointment with Dr. Deol

Scheduling an appointment at Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) in Sylvania, Ohio, is easy! Call our Patient Services Representatives at 240-965-3915 to ask questions or to schedule an appointment. Or, if you prefer, you can schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

CVR accepts all major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Need help finding your insurance company online? Contact us to find out if you're covered.

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At CVR, your vein health is our sole priority! Patients tell us they feel the CVR difference, from our compassionate, supportive staff to our patient-centered approach; CVR made their vein health journey safe and comfortable. These testimonials say it all: CVR's attentive staff and effective treatments earn top marks from patients.