Have Leg Discomfort? Here’s a Happy CVR Patient’s Advice

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Katrina suffered for years with the symptoms of vein disease, including achy, painful, swollen legs. Then she got the help she needed from a Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) vein specialist. Here is her story.

For years, Katrina N. suffered from swollen, achy, painful, heavy legs and varicose veins. These symptoms were aggravated whenever she would sit for an extended time, such as during a long car trip or flight.

Admitting that “blood vessels make me nervous,” Katrina decided to do internet research to find a vein doctor to help her and came across Center for Vein Restoration (CVR). She called for an appointment with Mohamed T. Hassan, MD, DABVLM, RPVI, lead physician at the Hoover, Alabama, and Trussville, Alabama, clinic locations.

Dr. Hassan is fellowship trained and board certified in venous and lymphatic disease.

The CVR experience

“I like to know what is happening to me,” says Katrina. She was thrilled to see the diagnostic ultrasound results and vein treatments performed right before her eyes. “There’s no doubt what your problems are when you see it,” she adds. Katrina points out that the treatments were “no problem at all” and that “I didn’t feel it.”

“I thought it was really neat to be able to see what is wrong and then see it being corrected.”

– Katrina N., CVR Patient, Birmingham, Alabama

A history of painful veins

Katrina recalls being in college and experiencing for the first time the “stinging hurt in her legs,” and for years after that, periodically experiencing vein pain. She adds that the chronic leg swelling after long periods of walking or standing convinced her to seek medical help to diagnose and treat the painful swelling. Not knowing what kind of doctor specializes in vein care, she let the discomfort go on for years, unchecked.

Treatment for swollen legs and varicosities

Dr. Hassan recounts that when he first met Katrina, she had been experiencing significant swelling, heaviness, and varicosities of both legs, calves, and thighs for many years. After a thorough diagnostic workup, Dr. Hassan confirmed that venous insufficiency was the cause of Katrina’s leg discomfort. He recommended venous ablation on both legs.

How did you feel after your vein treatment?

Before treatment, Katrina recalls that leg heaviness would make it difficult to perform simple tasks, such as putting on her socks and sneakers. The swelling, which she said happened for no reason sometimes, would last for days. Treatment with Dr. Hassan made all the difference, however. She says that her varicose vein pain went away immediately after her first treatment, making traveling, even simply walking, significantly improved.

“Right after my first or second treatment, I just felt better. My body just felt better.” – Katrina N.

Describe your vein physician, Dr. Hassan

Katrina enthusiastically praises Dr. Hassan, describing him as having a “wonderful personality,” adding, “he explains the treatments in detail, so you know what’s happening. I would recommend him to anyone—and I do!”

“I kept Dr. Hassan’s business cards to share, and I tell people this is what you need to do if your varicose veins are showing, and they hurt.” – Katrina N.

How to schedule with a CVR vein expert

With over 100 vein clinics across the nation, there is sure to be a CVR vein clinic near you. Call 240-965-3915 to speak to a Patient Services Representative or schedule online. Most insurance carriers cover treatment.

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