Men and Vein Health: Part 1 of 3

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Men and Vein Health: Part 1 of 3

June is Men's Health Month, established to raise awareness of preventable health problems among men and encourage early detection and treatment of disease.

With men’s health in mind, we spoke to Thomas Alosco, MD, DABS, RPVI, RVT, DABVLM, lead physician at the Waterbury, Connecticut location of Center for Vein Restoration (CVR). CVR is the nation’s leading provider of care for venous insufficiency, including painful, unsightly varicose and spider veins.

Do Men Experience Varicose Veins?

According to Dr. Alosco, despite the emphasis on the prevalence of vein disease in women, men make up almost 50 percent of the cases of varicose veins, per the literature. Male symptoms of vein disease are like that of females; however, men “tend to suppress symptoms more than women,” says Dr. Alosco. Men are inclined to disregard leg heaviness and fatigue symptoms as simply a consequence of being on their feet and not the actual cause—that being vein disease.

What Causes Varicose Veins in Men?

As is the case with women, the cause of varicose veins in men is mostly hereditary. Dr. Alosco explains that the valves in the main veins that run up and down the leg become “dysfunctional,” causing blood to pool in those veins. When that happens, veins can become visible and can “reflux.” Reflux is the reversal of blood flow through the valves, causing swelling, rashes, itching, pain, fatigue, and heaviness, especially at the end of the day.

“If reflux lasts long enough and is severe enough, reflux can cause a breakdown in the skin, a condition known as ulceration,” cautions Dr. Alosco.

Symptoms of Vein Reflux

Often, “visible varicosities,” such as varicose veins, are not the first signs of vein disease, warns Dr. Alosco. That is why, this Men’s Health Month, Dr. Alosco advises men to take the symptoms of vein reflux and venous insufficiency seriously. These symptoms include leg:

  • aching
  • fatigue
  • heaviness
  • rashes
  • skin changes

Men often disregard how these symptoms affect their quality of life, blaming “work” instead of the actual cause, venous insufficiency. Dr. Alosco describes venous insufficiency as a condition that causes blood to engorge the veins, affecting the skin and muscles in the calves and “making you miserable.”

This misery is unnecessary, however. Treatment for varicose veins is minimally invasive and performed in an office setting. And while leg elevation and compression stockings help alleviate symptoms temporarily, the only way for men (and women!) to find relief from the discomfort caused by vein disease is to seek treatment by a vein expert.

Men: Seek Treatment for Your Venous Insufficiency

Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is home to the world's most experienced vein doctors, including Dr. Alosco. CVR physicians have achieved the highest credentials in the vein care industry, making them the nation’s clinical leaders in vein treatment.

Treatment is minimally invasive, takes place in a clean, comfortable office setting, and best of all—patients can return to normal activities immediately.

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