Men and Vein Health: Part 3 of 3

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Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) vein expert Thomas Alosco, MD, DABS, RPVI, RVT, DABVLM, addresses awareness of venous insufficiency in men. Dr. Alosco is the lead physician at the CVR Waterbury, Connecticut, location.

This Men’s Health Month, Dr. Alosco urges men to pay attention to symptoms of vein disease, including leg pain, heaviness, and fatigue, and to seek diagnosis and treatment rather than dismiss symptoms as simply a consequence of working long hours.

When Will Patients See Results After a Procedure?

According to Dr. Alosco, patients can look forward to seeing results almost immediately in many cases. Patients who have long-standing complications of venous insufficiency such as chronic swelling and skin changes may have to wait a little longer to see results. A patient with superficial vein reflux in a saphenous vein (a large vein of the leg located between the fat layer just under the skin and over the top of the muscles) with gnarled, enlarged veins can see a return to normal comfort and function within days of the procedure.

Is Vein Health and Heart Health Related?

There is not much correlation between the two conditions other than overlapping symptoms. For example, chronic swelling in the lower extremities can be seen in patients with venous insufficiency as well as heart disease. The bottom line: there’s no cause and effect between vein health and heart health.

Does a Heart Issue Need to Be Ruled Out Before a Vein Procedure?

If the health history and physical examination lead Dr. Alosco to suspect that a patient has heart disease, he will have the patient evaluated before treatment for venous insufficiency. Any heart issue must first be addressed before vein treatment can be performed.

What Advice do You Have for Men?

Dr. Alosco wants men to know that they “should not be embarrassed to come forward, show their legs and admit that they have venous insufficiency.” He emphasizes that a lot can be done to treat the condition and improve quality of life.

While vein disease is more widespread, heart disease and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) get more attention. Dr. Alosco believes that this is because it is more impressive when someone has a heart attack or faces limb loss due PAD. Conversely, patients with peripheral venous disease tend to “suffer silently” because the condition is not well known and receives little press attention.

Dr. Alosco stresses that men do not need to endure unsightly legs nor learn to live with the discomfort of vein disease. Contrary to what many men believe, vein treatment is quick, office-based, and requires little to no downtime that enables men to get back to work.

The bottom line: Men should follow the ladies’ lead and take advantage of the vein treatment available that allows them to look and feel their best!

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